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August 10, 2017

Explaining Drone Asset Inspections

Asset inspections are performed on various types of infrastructure routinely. You may not have heard of it, but roads, bridges, and other forms all need to be inspected frequently to detect damages and to value it. These inspections can be unsafe, costly, and time-consuming, so that has lead to many utility companies and government agencies to start implementing drone asset inspections. Let’s take a look at this relatively unknown application of drones. What Are Asset Inspections? There are two main reasons why asset inspections are performed. The first is to look for any damages that may require repair. The other reason is to get a more detailed overall condition of the asset and estimate its value and lifespan.     Asset inspections are performed mainly on large pieces of infrastructure like roads, bridges, pipelines, power plants, and dams. For each of these, there are usually laws requiring how often they need to be inspected.This can be anywhere from every 3 months to every 5 years. How They Are Performed Without Drones Without using drones for these inspections, companies mostly have to rely on people to capture images and to get up close to these structures. This can be time consuming, […]
August 9, 2017

Aerial Inspection Services for Disasters

You may have heard of drones inspecting things such as real estate, roofs, assets, oilrigs, and even solar panels. But, one aerial inspection service drones are starting to be used for more is response to natural disasters. This article will talk about how drones are now saving lives. Benefits of Using Drones for Disaster Relief There are many reasons why drones are starting to be used nearly anytime there are disasters like floods, hurricanes, tornados, or earthquakes. One main reason is that they can get into hard to reach places that nearly nothing else can. Being able to reach tall structures or fit into a tight spot in a collapsed house are all examples of this. Drones also are much faster than any other form of rescuing. Many rescue drones can easily reach speeds of 80 km/hr and they can fly over anything. They are able to cover ground extremely fast and usuallya large fleet of drones is sent out, each given a specific area to survey. It makes the task of finding people much faster. Another huge benefit is that it doesn’t put rescue workers in as much danger. The drones can spend all time surveying dangerous spots without […]
August 8, 2017

How Oil Companies are Using Drone Flare Inspections

The oil and gas industry is one that has been using drones extensively to perform various safety inspections. Drones are starting to be used more for inspecting flare stacks because it is quicker, cheaper, and much safer. Let’s look at how the gas industry is utilizing this revolutionary technology. What is a Flare Stack? Also known as a gas flare, a flare stack is a large tower that has a burning flame used to burn off excess gas at industrial plants. The reason they need to burn off gas is when it is in excess and the pipes and other equipment are over pressurized. Flare stacks, therefore, protect against dangers of large explosions and are crucial in nearly every oil and gas operation. Flare Stack Inspections As flare stacks literally play a vital role in many of these industrial plants, they must be inspected and maintained to prevent damage and repair them before it’s too late. This includes regular inspections that are required anywhere from every 3 months to every year. Inspections are looking at the mechanical integrity of the structure and looking at the visible components to see if any repairs are needed.   Flare Inspections Without Drones First, […]