Construction progress reporting

August 1, 2017

Using Drones to Film Aerial Construction Progress

Drones are used to film almost everything that would look great from the sky. One newer application is using them to film construction progress. This may not be a concept you are super familiar with, so we’ll break it down in this article. What Is Aerial Construction Progress? It’s simply filming a large construction project from start to finish with a drone. It’s a unique way to truly see how incredible the entire project was and what went into it. Drones have made this service so much more affordable because before, companies would have to rely on planes or helicopters to film the footage. Now, there are many drone companies offering this to large construction companies and many are taking them up on this service. While Droneworxs doesn’t currently offer this as one of our services, it is something we’d consider, so if you’re interested, contact us. Why Do Companies Use This You may be asking, are construction companies really paying money just to see an impressive video of their construction project? No, there are actually several reasons why this service is starting to take off. A big use of these construction progresses is for safety. The video can help […]