August 3, 2017

Photogrammetry and LiDAR Used for Aerial Mapping Drones

Aerial mapping drones are a technology that is starting to be used more and more because they can do the job quicker and much cheaper than other methods. The biggest reason is that all the equipment that can be attached to these drones. It makes the process automatic, as the drone can collect all the data with these measuring devices, and then simultaneously send it back to a computer where people can further analyze it. There are two main methods used in aerial mapping with drones: photogrammetry and LiDAR. Here’s some information about them, and the benefits that using each provides. LiDAR Short for Light Detection and Ranging, LiDAR uses lasers to measure distances relative to the ground level. To explain it as easy as possible, it emits laser beams at a set frequency and down to ground level. Once it hits the target being measured, it returns the laser back to the drone. This time difference can then be used to calculate the distance relative to ground level. It may be a little complicated, but that’s how it basically works. Everything needed for a LiDAR instrument can be attached at the bottom of a drone and then flown over […]
May 20, 2017

Drone Aerial Mapping

Here is a new 3d Map of a Quarry that I photographed. Quarry managers are able to access this map and calculate volumes of stockpiles. Click on the map to open and navigate the photograph. Drones are now the most economical way to create useful and accurate maps in a short time, which are highly reliable. So, what is a drone and how can a drone help in mapping? We have all the answers for you, so keep reading! In case you are looking for more information on a drone, you need to know that a drone is an unmanned aircraft which has the ability to navigate autonomously. It doesn’t need any kind of human control which can be guided remotely, even beyond a line of sight. Drones are used by almost all industries for capturing top quality images and videos of areas which are difficult to reach or dangerous.   Let Your Drone Work For You: One of the most significant contributions of drones is in aerial mapping. They are capable of making repeated and accurate flights for the purpose of near ground mapping. Today, with the best combination of cheap flying devices and high resolution cameras, aerial mapping […]