August 6, 2017

Using Drones for Mining Aerial Surveying

Yet another innovative application of drones is using them for mining. They are used in a similar way as they are for aerial surveying and they can save mining companies tons of time and money. Let’s look at this new service a bit closer. What Are Drones Used for in Mining Aerial Surveying? Drones in the mining industry are used for two main things: mapping and mineral exploration. Let’s look at these two areas and see exactly how drones help. Mapping Drones being used for mapping is nothing new and it is a service Droneworxs offers as well. The mapping aspect isn’t really different for mining operations. Most companies want an accurate 3-D map with contour lines so they can measure distances more accurately and drones are the quickest and cheapest way to do it. One thing to note is that mapping is done throughout the entire mining process, not just at the beginning. It is crucial in monitoring volumes of the mine, to determine how much has already been mined out and how much minerals are left. This has been a big innovation because mining companies can get accurate maps every single day if they want to monitor changes […]