September 12, 2016

Insurance Industry how they are using drones

How the insurance industry are using Drones 12th December 2015 Three realistic scenarios for employing drones in the insurance industry: Firstly, Drones have the potential to significantly change property adjusting. Instead of climbing scaffoldings and ladders to assess rooflines, and chimneys or renting scissor lifts and boom trucks to determine the cause and extent of fire damage, claims adjusters can deploy a drone to analyse hazardous situations without sacrificing sure footing or disturbing the scene.
September 11, 2016
Drone Aerial Photography camera

Drone Technology and the Latest Camera

A real game changer Droneworxs invests in the new X5R camera March 31st 2016 Meet the new DJI Inspire Zenmuse X5 and X5R cameras. The future of aerial imaging is set to be released this month and Droneworxs has officially brought it on board!
August 2, 2016

Real Estate Marketing and Drone Photography

Using Drones to market real estate 1st February 2016 One step for Drones, one giant leap for the Real Estate industry! Drones are quickly making their mark within the trade offering a new dimension to the quality and accuracy of imagery production. Whether you’re selling a property or hiring a broker, aerial footage captured by Drones are becoming increasingly popular within the market. It’s time to move forward hand in hand with innovative technology and say goodbye to conventional photography … and here are the reasons why: