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August 17, 2017

What UAVs are Looking for During Drone Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are one of the more common uses for drones. But, what exactly are they looking for when performing these drone roof inspections and how do they spot damage with the drones? Why Drone Roof Inspections Are Performed Insurance companies mainly use them to look for damages in the roof. This is important for both determining if damages exist before issuing a policy, and for examining damages after a claim is filed. Homeowners also can do them when buying, selling, or just if they are curious about the condition of their roof. Now with the use of drones, these are quicker and cheaper than ever before, which means people are starting to utilize these services more. Roofs are one of the most important components of the house to be inspected because they can be one of the most expensive and important things to fix. Because they are above the ground and somewhat difficult for people to get to, that makes drones perfect for the job. Also, people walking up on the roof may cause damage just by walking, while drones do not contact the roof at all. What Are Drones Looking For During the Inspections? When drones fly to […]
August 14, 2017

Organizations Using Drones for Industrial Inspections

Companies across many different industries are starting to use drones for industrial inspections. Drones slash costs, time, and provide higher quality inspections while being a safer alternative. Add all those benefits to the fact that you can attach nearly any sensor you want to a drone, and it’s no wonder they are used for inspections so often. We talk a lot about all of these services drones provide, but not much about which large companies or government agencies are utilizing drone technology. Here are some big name organizations that are using drones for inspecting their infrastructure. The Royal Navy First on our list is the U.K.’s Royal Navy. They are using drones to inspect their ships, which means they can perform the inspections anywhere, even at sea. This cuts down on time and makes the inspections much easier to perform. The drones used for this must be heavy duty because experiencing winds of 60 km/h on the oceans is fairly normal. It’s great to see that government agencies are starting to use drone technology, as well as the private sector. Consumers Energy Consumers Energy is a U.S. based energy company that provides electricity and natural gas to over 6 million […]
August 12, 2017

Three Great Drones for Drone Roof Inspections

  Drone roof inspections are a great tool for homeowners and insurance companies alike. They allow them to detect any possible damages in the roof early before leaking occurs or before the damages become extremely expensive. Most people prefer hiring companies to do roof inspections every couple of years to make sure the roof is holding up well. You could even do your own and all you’d need is a great drone with a high-quality camera. Here are three drones that are used by the pros commonly for roof inspections. Criteria To Consider Before getting into this list, it’s important to understand exactly what specs you would like to see in a drone for roof inspections. A couple things that don’t matter as much are the range, max speed, and battery life. The drone isn’t going to go very far from you because you’ll be standing right below the house, so really any drone is going to have enough range, as even the weakest have ranges of 200 m. Also, most inspections will only take 15-20 minutes tops, so any decent drone will have that battery life. Max speed doesn’t matter because these drones are going to be moving very […]