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February 23, 2018
drone photography Brisbane

How Drone Real Estate Photography Is Changing the Industry

The use of drones is becoming the exciting news of the day, from its use for search and rescues to industrial inspection, agriculture research, and now to drone real estate photography which has helped in creating endless opportunities. Additionally, it is highly recognised that the use of a drone is taking the real estate world of business to another new level, with so many companies taking advantage of this opportunity to produce the best in their real estate business. The Need for Drone Real Estate Photography Wondering how drones are impacting on the real estate through photography? Come on let me breeze you through.  Today, the internet is becoming a favorite place to get interesting information and is certain everyone will want something that looks attractive and unique. And, when it comes to real estate purchase, the best information often starts from new advert made on the internet.  At this point, this is where the use of drone comes to play. As you ought to know, quality drones are prone to offer real estate agent a remarkable and outstanding high-resolution image and video of any property in an efficient and timely manner thereby speeding up their marketing sales. If you […]
February 21, 2018
drone videography

Important Tips That Will Help You Get the Best Out Of Drones Video Photography

In many occasion or event, shooting a video from certain height sometimes prove to be difficult or humanly impossible for human videographers to a get a good video quality. But With the use of drones for video photography, one can get compelling images, videos either from an aerial view or any certain height. All this produced does not mean a drone video photography is considered to be easy. However, with extensive research already carried out, there is essential information you should know before embarking on a drone video photography anywhere. These tips are useful not only for drone video photography but also for everything related to drone photography. Here Are Some Important Tips You Need To Know When Embarking On a Drone Video Photography Take Essential Training on How to Use Drones for Video Photography With technological innovation springing up, newer drone comes with exciting features for beginners to easily fly a drone. But when it comes to drone video photography, skill limitation will undoubtedly be a drawback when trying to capture amazing images and video. Having essential piloting skills and mastering the control to an advanced level will certainly help you get the best out of using drones for […]
February 19, 2018

The Application of Drones For Industrial Inspection

As we know, Industrial infrastructures have always been a challenging place to carry out specific inspection due to several factors. These factors include the size, height, and cautiousness needed at specific areas. And when it comes to industrial inspection these can be very dangerous, expensive, time-consuming and very risky to workers. Today, with the innovation springing up in drone technology, drones for industrial inspection is in high demand. These Drones are capable of assessing an area that needs inspection with real-time video surveillance. Inspectors can easily operate these drones to carry out inspection in a safe, less expensive and timely manner. With many regular inspection tasks on a typical industrial site, here I will share some benefit of using a drone for inspection in various industrial sectors. How Drones for Industrial Inspection Will Help In the Oil and Gas Sector Oil and gas industry is the most sensitive and dangerous industries. And since most industries depend directly or indirectly on the oil and gas products for energy, there is a need for frequent inspection. Inspections carried out have always relied on manual, expensive and risky method. But today, with the increase in companies employing emerging technology, the inspection carried out […]