August 8, 2017

Filming and Editing Skills for Aerial Video of Real Estate

If you want to film professional-level real estate footage with your drone, you’ll need to master some filming and video editing skills. Here, we’ll go into the details of this so you can get on your way to becoming a pro at filming aerial videos of real estate. Start Slow and Steady The goal of filming real estate is to capture the entire property. Therefore, you should focus on moving your drone slowly during filming to make sure that the viewers will be able to see everything they need to. Make sure not to accelerate or decelerate much, as it will make the footage look choppy and unprofessional. Slow and steady doesn’t just apply to flying your drone either. Do the same when moving your camera, focusing on steady and slow zooms and pans. Views to Capture The next thing to focus on is what views you should get from the sky. Many real estate aerial videos will start from the ground level, showcasing the front of the property and working its way up. Popular shots also include 360 views around the entire property, making sure to get every aspect. Straight above views are common as well and mix up […]
January 16, 2017

The latest inspection camera with 30 times zoom

DRONEWORXS OFFERS SPECIALISED INDUSTRIAL INSPECTION CAMERA WITH A 30X OPTICAL ZOOM (Plus 6x Digital Zoom)   Droneworxs; Brisbane’s Leading Drone Aerial Photography Services invests in DJI’s newest zoom lens – the Zenmuse Z30. For industrial UAV operators one of the greatest challenges is flying close enough for a thorough inspection while still maintaining a safe distance from their subject. The Zenmuse Z30 is DJI’s most powerful long-range aerial zoom lens engineered for industrial applications. The camera platform offers up to 30x optical and 6x digital zoom. Due to the powerful long-rage aerial capabilities and HD 1080p photo and video potential this equipment has to offer; Droneworxs has become one of the first to invest in this new state-of-the-art equipment. This allows our operators to quickly father the information that we need and with the new Zenmuse Z30 we have access to a fast flexible tool that can capture the smallest details of the assets we are inspecting whilst maintaining a safe distance between the drones and the structures. This reduces operational risks by keeping all personal safely on the ground. Industrial UAV Inspections Main Features ZOOM The Zenmuse Z30 is fitted with a lightweight photo-lens that offers 30x optical zoom […]