Using a Drone to Shoot a Brisbane Real Estate Video

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Whether you have many years of drone video shooting experience or not, the following guidelines can help improve your work.

Hire a Local Professional

If you are planning to use a UAV to shoot a Brisbane real estate video, you should consider hiring an experienced local profession.

  • A professional drone flight is usually not more than 10 minutes, a professional can skillfully shoot a wonderful video in that time space. It will take a newbie months of practice to master shooting a good drone video in that amount of time. To get the best hire a professional.
  • In Australia, the CASA certifies drone pilots. A professional drone pilot will have a RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) operator’s certificate and a remote pilot license. This makes the legal and insurance part of things simpler.
  • The experience and insight you can get from the professional will go a long way in improving your drone video making skills.

Be Flexible

Although hiring a drone professional will cost much less than hiring a helicopter, drone shots will cost you more than a land-based shot. In addition, aerial footage takes much longer to complete as compared to land-based shoots. It is essential that you give the drone operator enough time to get the shoot done.

Take Long Shots

In order to get a 1-minute fly around the property video, it is important that you take two or more 90-second trips. That way you have more raw footage to work with on the computer when editing.

Ensure the Drone Used for the Video Shoot Has a 3-Axis Gimbal

A quality gimbal is vital when taking a high-quality shoot. The gimbal will balance the cameral gyroscopically and thus remove vibrations that can ruin a steady shot. For a beautiful flowing video, a gimbal is necessary.

Include a Steadicam/Glidecam Shoot to Improve the Video Tour of the Property

A Steadicam/Glidecam is an equipment that holds a camera and ensures a steady flowing video. Including a ground-based tour will improve the video tour of the home. It is a plus to do one.

Automate Portions of the Flight

Automation is easy with modern drones. An automation software can be used to plan the route of the shoot and then carry out the shoot. Automation allows you to shoot videos that will otherwise be impossible. Also, Selecting a drone with features such as collision avoidance automated lift off and landing will ensure you do not incur huge costs as a result of accidental damages. Many modern drones such as Phantom 4 and the Yuneec Typhoon have features that will help you reduce accidental damages.

Fly Safe

This is where hiring a professional is beneficial. Avoiding obstacles such as trees, buildings, wires and most importantly people, will save you a lot of money and headache. If you plan on flying a drone, it is good to be trained.

Get a Drone That Makes Shooting Easy

The best drones on the market make shooting easy. It is important to get a good quality drone such as the DJI Phantom series, the Autel Robotics drones, the Yuneec Typhoon and such. A good drone with a high-quality camera will improve the shoot.