Largest Commercial UAV Show in Europe

The Event:

This November 15-16, people in London have planned to host the largest Commercial UAV show in Europe which is held in Excel London. Joined by hundreds of speakers and exhibitors, this event will feature what are the main benefits and the latest in technology found in UAV. The event is hosted by Chris Blackford who is the co-founder and COO of Sky Futures.

Usage of UAV

UAV is shortened for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. UAV is synonymous to drones. They are seen on the air flying with cameras on to look around the place especially open fields. So back to the event, Europe will simply expand the usage of these UAV in different field of occupations.

Here are examples of them:

  • Agriculture – With the use of UAV in agriculture. This can easily help survey the entire open field and of course the farm. Farmers can easily protect the health of their crops and any animals that might go astray. One of the best drones to use here is the Fixed-Wing UAV AG Drone.
  • Emergency Services – Emergency services are so popular when it comes to drones. With the help of drones, they can easily help spot a crime or easily help someone who has been injured. With the help of CCTVs, drones too can be an asset.
  • Surveying –Whether it is a real estate marketing or aerial inspection service, drones are used to survey a place. Like for example any surroundings that are dirty or perhaps in events like a large flood in a certain place or after an earthquake, these drones can be used.
  • Infrastructure – Drones were also used in inspecting bridges, oil rigs, roads, railway corridors, and many more if there is something broken along the way.
  • Mining – One of the most dangerous jobs in the world. With drones they can easily help miners who got lost inside a cave.
  • Mapping – Maps and drones, how useful is that? People with drones can help draw a map of a certain place.

Joining the Event

What are you willing to participate in this event? Are you curious about this event? Then go join the 2 day celebration at ExCel London. Perhaps you can learn more about them. You can bring your notebook, camera, gadgets with you in this event.

So what are you waiting for, learn more about Commercial UAV. Be successful in business.