Most Popular Drone Video Photography Applications

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The drone technology has been around for decades.  Nowadays, a lot of people are more concerned about how it can be in used.  Drone video photography enthusiast, hobbyist and entrepreneurs are finding innovative ways for its applications.  Thereby, making their jobs cost efficient and remarkable.  Here are some of the most popular drone applications.

Deliveries Including Life Saving Ones

In many remote areas in the world, drones are used for medical applications.  For example, blood samples are delivered to a faraway medical laboratory for examination and results are brought back to the party who sent it.  This makes the process faster, safer and economical.  Likewise, it is also being used for deliveries for important documents and products in highly urbanized cities all over the world.

Disaster and Relief Operations

During the recent hurricane Harvey in Texas, drones were used to identify the damage of the disaster which was impossible to do by land.It provides search and rescue.  The drones provide real time videos during calamities like tornadoes, hurricane, flooding and earthquakes.   Most importantly it can provide unreachable victims with clothes, food, water and medicines.

Police and Military Operations

Drones can primarily provide safety to its armed forces during actual operations, surveillance and war time.  The drone video can identify the hostile’s location and deliver pinpoint accuracy elimination. Drone videos can be use as a spy tool to identify enemy territories and provide the armed forces information vital for planning.

News Footage

Drone videos can provide actual, factual and on time of news in your area.  It also provides the whole picture or perspective of large events like rave and street parties, parades, festivals weddings, funerals and outdoor games.

Building a YouTube channel, film making, aerial surveying, competitive intelligence, precision agriculture, real estate videos, security, private investigation, resort and hotel advertising, conservation/environmental regulation and compliance, structural inspection and construction site data and pipeline and electrical line inspection are the other drone video photography applications