Drone Mobile Tower Inspection

Drone Mobile Tower Inspection Service by Droneworxs, Mobile phone towers need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis so minor issues do not escalate into major and expensive repairs. Safety and access are of the utmost concern in the process.

Mobile Tower mast scheduled inspection procedures are recommended to maintain optimised Radio Frequency (RF) emissions and safe operation. Harsh environmental conditions, freeze/thaw cycles, lighting strikes, moisture intrusion and corrosion cause damage to the main structure, electrical wiring looms, electronics and antenna assemblies. Antenna tilt or misalignment, antenna malfunction can also remain undetected for long periods of operation. Planned inspection and maintenance schedules ensure network operators maintain optimised emissions and guarantee safe and reliable operation.

Inspection processes that form part of mast structural inspection include: – corrosion, mechanical integrity, welded joints, missing or loose fixings, disconnection of cables and connectors, bird nest contamination.

Using small, easily maneuverable UAVs which can see virtually any angle of the infrastructure can be a cost effective, quick, efficient and safe means of assessing the condition and orientation of all components of the tower. Transmitting live, high resolution photography which management can see on the ground or from the desktop, any urgent decision making regarding follow up maintenance or repair procedures can be taken without delay. Data can be stored and compared with each inspection, allowing for maintenance scheduling and budgeting.