Drone Inspections – Flare Stack

Why use Drones for Flare Stack Inspection ?

Drone Flare Stack Inspection by Droneworxs can enable your business to obtain detailed optical imagery of flare stack heads where fast flight control responsiveness is critical. Without the need to climb the stacks, risk to personnel is eliminated and production time is left uninterrupted. This form of aerial inspection can enable you to detect any form of damage that may be detrimental to the operation of the flare stacks, including damage to piping, structural abnormalities and various other internal and external inconsistencies. Repairs and maintenance are no longer costly and time consuming.Traditionally, inspecting operating infrastructure can require lengthy and expensive shutdowns for detailed manual inspection, especially when personal or environmental safety is concerned. In some cases where flight is not restricted due to confined spaces or other obstacles, the use of rental helicopters is possible – however these are expensive and require advance scheduling. In  contrast to manual inspections, personnel were not required to climb the stacks, each several hundred feet in height, and the refinery saved invaluable production time.
Flare stacks generate an extreme amount of heat so fast flight control responsiveness is critical. The Droneoworxs map-based touchscreen control interface allowed the operator to focus on safely capturing the required imagery – both high resolution images from the stabilised 16MP daytime camera, and video. After establishing a best-angle view above the first flare stack images and video were taken from all angles. The flight process was then repeated with the remaining flare stacks. Under ideal circumstances, the flare stack inspection flight time can be completed in one hour.The size and noise of our RPA systems are barley audible when airborne and can complete these inspection activities with out the environmental disturbance of a standard helicopter

A safer working environment
Personnel can remain on the ground instead of working at height, in all weathers.
Zero downtime
Droneworxs RPA can reach work height in seconds and begin producing results immediately.
Higher quality imagery from any vantage point
Our highly-skilled RPA operators can fly within 2 metres of a Flare Stack, producing unsurpassed image quality in great detail.
Dynamic Surveying
Using real-time imagery streamed to the ground, your engineer can direct the survey to investigate any potential issues while the RPA is in the air allowing focused results.