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June 4, 2017
June 6, 2017
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Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

The buying and selling as well as the marketing of products go on a pretty much endless cycle. You make product, you market it, then you sell it. However, the most important part of the process is how you market what you have. Think of this: no matter what the quality of your product is, as long as you do not have good marketing, you’ll end up eating the dust. This is where drones step in to save the day for real estate. Real estate is hard and drones make it easy for the customers as well as the agents themselves.

They provide great marketing

Drones can give you a great ride. All you have to do is fly one above the house and record videos of the place. This then can be turned into presentations of real estate photography to show to clients and potential customers. You can show the beauty of the house or the piece of land you are trying to sell with just a sweep motion highlighting the beauty of the neighbourhood.

You can also help the people decide to buy with guided tours using pre-recorded videos of drones. There are also small drones which can glide inside the house to show them the interiors of the house. This may not be as detailed as a site visit but it will work for those who do not have the time to adjust their schedules to travel far. This way, you provide customers one of the most efficient ways to govern their decision to buy. You level your marketing up and you help them decide to buy.

They monitor the area

The area in which the house is built can be monitored with the use of drones. You can easily measure up the place, the land area, the vicinity and the people in it with the use of drones. The real estate photography have changed the way you can keep track of how the house is being kept safe. People can now easily estimate the value of a house, land, or any other kind of real estate property without even going there.

This convenience offered by drones start out with better views of big houses and properties. You simply cannot see a house for what is if you look at it per se. You need to take a better look. A look from the sky is sure to change your opinion of the house for sale. This is the beauty of using drones in real estate. You can provide a better perspective on the magnificence of the house you are trying to sell.

Drones aren’t limited anymore. You can do many things with them and helping out the real estate economy is just one of those advantages. Try and seek out the people who can use drones to govern your marketing strategies and keep you a top-notch agent. Technological advancements must be embraced. Drones will be a big help in boosting your career.


Tony is our CASA accredited Chief Remote Drone Pilot. His role is to oversee and authorise all Company unmanned aerial operations before they leave the ground. , Having an immense background in Military aviation with the Royal New Zealand Airforce (RNZAF) he is a qualified Aircraft engineer who has worked on many military fixed and rotary wing aircraft and remotely piloted aircraft. His passion,and diverse experience in all things aviation related, place him in a position to ensure the safest and most reliable outcomes are achieved each and every time our unmanned aircraft systems take to the skies.