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June 5, 2017
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June 7, 2017
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The human race sure have reached new heights when it comes to technology. Who would’ve known that you could fly your own drones for different purposes. Because of the sudden rise of demand for drones, people have been making myths about them to spread animosity towards these helpful items. This article aims to debunk those myths and stop them dead in their tracks. Stick around to see which myths are not true so you can again rely on drones to make your work easy for you.

Myth: Drone = model airplane

A sad but real allegation, some people do not understand what a drone is. This debunks the myth that model airplanes – planes that fly while being controlled – are drones, too. Knowing the difference between the two things set them apart and keep the definitions loud and clear. No should mess up and shoot model planes out of the sky thinking that it breaches their privacy.

Myth: Flying Drones are like flying toys

Another wrong allegation made. Drones require all the skills sets a modern pilot needs to fly an aircraft. They may not be sitting in a real cockpit but they are trained. They may even look like a child holding a toy, but they are the same skilled aircraft pilots that you see on planes. They may not refer to their “toys” as drones but they have pretty much the same functions and requirements a real plane has. Because of this, there is very little difference whether you fly a drone or you fly a plane.

Myth: The police are the only ones who can use drones

Police and the military do use drones but the use of a UAV does not end there. It can also help out in big ways when it comes to agriculture. It can keep track of the crops in a better way that does not require much legwork. In addition, fire fighters measure fires and know how to control them with the use of it. Businesses such as the real estate business also use drones to keep track of the houses and the land a business owns. There are many more opportunities other than surveillance and military-based operations. A person just has to broaden his or her horizons. A UAV may be what you need to keep track of your business or your farm.

Myth: Drones fly and crash pretty much too soon

It is true that drones may lose power and crash. However, what is not true is that they only fly for a short period. Drones have many variations and flight durations, all of which depend on what purpose they were built for. Some can fly for an hour before they need to land and some even last 5 years with solar power.

These myths just are not up to test. Drones are very useful things as they ease and help many kinds of people to do many kinds of work efficiently. They have a variety of functions and most are to help humanity survive and keep itself in check.

Tony is our CASA accredited Chief Remote Drone Pilot. His role is to oversee and authorise all Company unmanned aerial operations before they leave the ground. , Having an immense background in Military aviation with the Royal New Zealand Airforce (RNZAF) he is a qualified Aircraft engineer who has worked on many military fixed and rotary wing aircraft and remotely piloted aircraft. His passion,and diverse experience in all things aviation related, place him in a position to ensure the safest and most reliable outcomes are achieved each and every time our unmanned aircraft systems take to the skies.