Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones

In the last few years, the popularity of drones has grown exponentially worldwide due to the ease of using them in getting the camera in the air. The flooding of the market with affordable drones that provide high-quality videography and photography as well as the ease of flight has also favoured the increase of drones use. This availability of various models of drones in different sizes, quality, and shape, can be attributed to the development of drone technology.

However, there is still some confusion to some about what drones are capable of doing, as the view to camera-carrying drones is still on edge between the mainstream and hobby. Buying one is one of the most important decisions in a stream of things you must think about as a new owner.

Using drones for Aerial photography and videography allows you to get the most out of the opportunities created by these affordable, nimble and accessible flying devices. However, before purchasing a drone for aerial photography and videography, it is important to learn about some of the key things that concern the use of the machine. It is advisable to know about the camera equipment currently available in the market as well as knowing how to be a competent drone pilot. Besides, it is also good to learn about different tips on how to get the best videos and still images as well as the right flying mode for taking still images from the air and how to attach the camera.

When taking aerial photography and videography, some techniques are used in ensuring that you take proper shots. The first step is to fly the drone to the designated location and allow it to hover there for it to take the shots. The camera should be set up in advance to take the shots after every few seconds. The time that the drone takes to hover over the location depends on the time that you have set after which the camera should take a shot to allow it to make the next exposure.


In conclusion, aerial photography and videography have increasingly grown to be the most reliable and efficient way of taking still images and videos. The growth has been facilitated by the development of drone technology and the invention of lighter and smaller cameras that can easily be attached to these flying machines.