Choosing the Best Commercial Drone Companies

Drone Photography Brisbane - Commercial Buildings

Due to the availability of good quality drone, it may seem like a good idea to simply purchase a drone and shoot your own videos, whether it is for building inspection purposes or for real estate marketing purposes. However, if you are not planning on learning to fly the drone, getting your remote pilot license and UAV certification, learning to edit video, getting insurance and so on, then it is better to just hire a good commercial drone company to provide you with your drone services.

If you plan on hiring a professional, then this 10-point checklist is exactly what you need. Before we get started, I will advise prospective customers to not search for a drone service provider on Craigslist. There are several amateur drone pilots who think that just because they got a drone, they can professionally shoot videos. Even if they can, most amateurs lack a license and an insurance. A drone accident can be lead to severe implications since drones can cause serious injuries and damages.

Here are 10 things to ask for when hiring a drone professional

  1. Where is the company based? Going with a local professional is advantageous because the drone operator is familiar with the locale.
  2. Does the company have quality references? The company should provide you with references of their previous work in listings and such.
  3. Does the company shoot a stabilized interior video? Many commercial drone companies also use a Steadicam/Glidecam to shoot interior videos. If you want a company that does both, you should check to see if the quality of the aerial videos match that of the interior videos.
  4. How much does the drone company charge for their services? It is best to work on a fixed price basis. How much does the drone service provider charges for a half-minute interior video cost? How much will 15 top quality still shots of the interior and the exterior of the home cost? Lastly, how much will a 1-minute aerial video of a single home cost?
  5. How much time doesthe drone operator need to prep and show up onsite? Are there any wind and weather conditions that will prevent the shoot?
  6. Is the drone company insured? All good commercial drone companies should have a liability insurance. If the drone company you wish to hire has a liability insurance of $1 million, that can protect your bank account in case of accidents.
  7. Is the drone operator certified? It is vital that the person operating the drone is certified since the shoot is for commercial purposes. Ask to see a certificate and license.
  8. What are the company’s policies on rescheduling, cancellation, and refunding? Are there cancellation penalties? Knowing these conditions beforehand can save you money.
  9. Will be company help you create a pre-shoot planning checklist?It is important that the shoot is preplanned. Not just that, you should be able to effectively communicate your expectations with the drone service provider.
  10. Will the drone service provider provide you with a blank contract? This will enable you to inspect the firm’s certifications, insurance, indemnification and so on.

Good commercial drone companies will ensure that the real estate shoots go smoothly.In addition, in the case of an accident, a good drone company will ensure that you are not dragged into legal quagmires.