Top 3 Best Drones For Real Estate Marketing

Drones have become one of the essential gadgets available. Just like a mobile phone, they serve a critical purpose and offer service delivery that is quite exceptional. Aerial image and video capture is now easy to do, and the quality levels are getting better by the day. Costs have reduced significantly, and efficiency has increased. You can now own a drone and capture as much as you want for as long a time as you need, making your business scale to new heights.

Sales agents have now embraced drones for real estate. Their ability to capture Hi-Def images and videos of property and the landscape surrounding it from different viewpoints, highlighting important features and details that buyers are looking for has attracted more sales than would ever be imagined. It’s definitely a plus for the realty marketing team.

With that in mind, you may be wondering, “What’s the best drone to buy for the best aerial real estate photography and videography?” Not to worry. Here’s a detailed review of 3 of the best drones in the market that you can buy from the top ranking drone developers: DJI, YUNEEC, and WALKERA, to cater for your need as a marketing agent.

3 Remarkable Real Estate Drones

  1. The DJI Mavic Pro Standard Bundle

The DJI Mavic Pro is one among many of DJI’s drones’ genius inventions. It’s small in size, is foldable, and has a perfect light weight, giving it a smooth fast flight, with a 40mph top speed which is quite impressive.

It comes with a 4K high-resolution camera with a 19” minimum focus distance for a superb performance in landscape shots.It comes with a GLONASS and GPS positioning system that enhances accuracy regardless of your location.

It has an integrated Terrain Follow Function that sets a stable flight height while capturing landscapes to capture the best shots. There is an integrated obstacle avoidance feature that detects and evades obstacles for a safe flight experience.

It detects and responds to its environment in 3D, hovering steadily over buildings and the surrounding features. Its batteries are custom made, offering up to 27 minutes flight time. It comes with a DJI GO Mobile App allowing the drone to be controlled via a phone, and it incorporates different Intelligent Flight Modes for enhanced performance.

As a Real Estate marketing agent, you can count on the Mavic Pro for the best aerial footage coverage.

  1. The Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter

There are several brilliant Yuneec drones available in the market. One such is the Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter which features 6 rotors for a stable flight, a GCO3+ 4K 3-Axis gimbal stabilized camera for steady photo and video shots, and Intel RealSense for independent flight and intelligent navigation.

It has a No-Flight Zone feature mapping out restricted flight areas to ensure compliance with the FAA guidelines. It has retractable landing gear, offering a 360° obstruction free camera capture. It can fly up to 150’ up to capture excellent aerial footage.

It has an ST16 handheld radio controller for easy operation and an inbuilt Android device featuring a 7” touchscreen to give you a First Person View (FPV) live feed display of the footage being captured. The LiPo batteries offer a 22 minute flight time.

The Yuneec’s performance is outstanding and the features it comes with far outdo its competition. This is a great pick for Real Estate aerial photography.

  1. The WalkeraTali H500 Hexacopter

Walkera develops some of the top ranking drones in the market. One such masterpiece is the WalkeraTali H500 Hexacopter which features a 3-Axis gimbal camera stability for steady shots, a flight control system for independent flights, and a GPS Position Hold for hover accuracy and exceptional aerial video capture.

It has 6 propellers enhancing a stable flight, a 5400mAh LiPo battery offering up to 25 minutes flight time, and a Flight Control System to counter wind turbulence. It has a 5” color display on the transmitter giving you a live feed view of the footage being captured.

The Walkera comes fully assembled and ready to fly. It has the GoPro HERO’s exceptional recording ability and offers top-notch aerial images and videos. This is a drone that Real Estate agents should definitely have with them to enhance their marketing strategies.

DJI, YUNEEC, and WALKERA offer exceptional drones in the market for great aerial photography and videography. Every Real Estate agent should consider getting one of these drones to achieve a better realty marketing experience and increase sales.