Four Upgrades to Make to Your Aerial View Drone

Upgrading your drone allows you to upgrade your work. Here are four essential upgrades for your drone. The drones used for the basics of this article are the DJI Phantom 1 and the DJI Phantom 2. These drones are not only affordable but are also portable and reliable.

Control Radio

A high-tech control radio allows you to increase the range of the drone. For instance, according to Josh Hohendorf of DSLRpros and as reported by National Geographic, the Futaba control radio grants UAVs twice the range of the stock remote controls that come with the drones.

Apart from the increase in range, the connection between the drone and the remote is better; meaning the chance of outside frequencies disrupting the drone’s flight is minimal. A specialized remote control also allows you to customize the RC (remote control) to suit your shooting style.

Carbon Fiber Propellers

Most drones originallyhave plastic propellers. While these work, carbon fiber propellers offer advantages plastic propellers do not offer. Carbon fiber propellers are rigid; as such, they will not bend and warp the way plastic propellers do. This allows the pilot to have improved handling performance of the drone. Carbon fiber propellers will allow your drone to fly higher, faster and maneuver better. In addition, because carbon fiber propellers are lighter than plastic propellers, they will save more energyand they will enable the drone to fly for longer. Also, carbon fiber propellers vibrate much less than plastic propellers, as such producing sharper images.

It is, however, smarter to install carbon fiber propellers after you have become a good drone pilot. Installing carbon fiber propellers as a beginner is not wise since they are stronger and cause more damage when they collide into objects.

Anti-Gravity Motors

You may have heard of the desirability of anti-gravity motors among drone enthusiasts, and for good reason. These anti-gravity motors are superior to the stock motors that are originally in the drones. Unlike stock motors, anti-gravity motors are more efficient and do not require regular maintenance. Since the bearings are lubricated for life, you do not have to disassemble the motor every sooften just to maintain them like you will with stock motors. Anti-gravity motors also consume less power and as a result, fly longer.

First Person View System

You can find several first person view systems that will enable you to see video feed in real time. The real-time video feed is usually transmitted directly to pair video goggles the drone operator has on. This gives you the sensation that you are controlling the drone from a pilot’s seat. The video feedcan also be transmitted onto a monitor. According to Josh Hohendorf of DSLRpros and as reported by National Geographic, FPV (First Person View) usually refers to small cameras installed onto the nose of drones so as to give pilots the sensation of being onboard the drone.

These are the four upgrades I suggest all drone pilots both professions and amateurs make to their drone.They will improve the experience. As with upgrades, it is best to advance in skill before you advance your drone. Skill goes hand in hand with upgrades.

Correspondingly, since drone technology is still developing rapidly, pilots are always having to adapt to new and better ways of doing things. An improvement in the technology means a reduction in prices. Now amateurs can use drones to develop maps. Law enforcement and fire departments are using drones to assess the high-risk environment. Many companies and firms are relying on drones for building inspections since they are cheaper and safer. With new upgrades coming out every day, the future of drone technology is bright.