Drone Real Estate Photography

Drone Real Estate Photography creates a quality visual intrigue in a way that cannot be matched, and that is more affordable than you would imagine. Besides, drones for real estate enable potential buyers to get access to a variety of details. These include aerial views of the entire land and property, confirms the condition of the roof as well as other property features that are hard to access.

Drone photography for real estate also shows the surrounding area and neighbourhood, especially the proximity of the property to amenities. Besides, it shows political developments that determine the amount of taxes payable as well as property surveys and maps. Therefore, it is hard to argue that drone photography has not significantly contributed to the improvement of real estate marketing.

Benefits of using drone photography in Real Estate Marketing

There are several benefits from which brokers and real estate agents benefit from using camera drones to market property. These include:

  1. Creating more stunning virtual toursDrone Photography Raby Bay

Flying cameras can fly into a home and hover through every room while creating a more exciting virtual tour as compared to station-based photography. The combination of the virtual tours and a professional voice-over soundtrack forms beautiful stories that are rich history and information.

  1. Producing compelling and more dramatic images

The development of the drone technology has offered many ready–to-fly camera UAVs that can produce dramatic shots efficiently. This is by combining an automatic point-of-interest camera targeting with GPS-programmed flights paths.

  1. Captures more property features

Drone photography highlights more features, which are important to many potential buyers. These include pools, landscaping, backyards, schools, nearby parks and walking paths.

  1. Creates new business

The use of drone photos and videos for real estate marketing makes you stand out in the business. This shows that you are ready to try every opportunity that will ensure that their property looks awesome.

  1. Relatively affordable

Drone videography is easier to arrange and far much cheaper than aerial photos shooting from a fixed wing aircraft and helicopter.


Overall, drones have various roles to play in real estate apart from shooting stunning videos of homes. Drones can help in countless dull but important real estate related jobs that include home inspections, monitoring land erosion, master planning and visioning. Besides, drones can also help in documenting fire damage and hurricane, recording property lines.