Drone Inspection Services

Drone aerial inspection services allow the asset manager to reduce the time that the personnel manager spends on the asset.  With a well-planned mission flight route, a drone can cover the entire asset within no time as compared to the time that is required by the inspection personnel as it can collect imagery data. In most cases, drones receive both thermal and visual imagery, which is converted into 3D ‘point cloud’ by applying automated statistical process.

After conversion of the description the data, skilled interpreters can quickly identify locations and determine the areas that need attention. Furthermore, the data is viewed in 3D, and therefore all areas can be inspected and visually interpreted. A map or a plan can also be provided to maintenance and inspection experts, as the data in the point cloud is geo-referenced with the real-world geographic coordinates.  This enables them to identify the areas that need to be attended easily as well as what is required to be done and the equipment that you need to fix the situation.

Drones can be used to inspect and locate energy leaks or other common problems on buildings and other areas.  Finding energy leaks and other potential problems are in most cases a challenge and sometimes dangerous. However, with quality UAVs that feature high-resolution infrared and video cameras, which is combined with 3D modelling software, custom apps and live data streaming the process becomes more efficient and safe.

The UAVs are also used for industrial oil and gas inspection services. These could be inspecting oil refineries and production plants, monitoring oil or gas leaks on pipelines and performing environmental assessments. Maintenance and inspection activities make inspectors to incur risks and endanger the lives of technicians. However, by combining the custom drone inspection software and the UAVs capabilities, drones can undertake gas and oil pipeline surveillance, confined space inspection, flare stacks at affordable costs and safety.


In conclusion, preventive maintenance of infrastructure is essential for industries and companies for professional risk management and safe operations. Therefore, investing in drone inspection services is important as it can also help in mitigating substantial costs in the end.