Aerial Photography Real Estate

In the modern times, aerial photography has become very important in marketing both commercial and residential real estate listings. This is because the competition is stiff as online listings mainly generate many leads in the market today. Most property buyers now start their search on the web, which makes it difficult to separate them from the pack. Consequently, applying innovative photography real estate in marketing your property listing brings out great results. Most professional aerial real estate photographers are producing amazing and unique shots of mountain vistas, landscapes, great fly-around of outstanding home exteriors and neighborhood surroundings.

Since drones are unmanned aircraft, systems they must have great potential to capture footage of ideally located properties such as properties and vast amounts of land with a clear view. In the past few years, many UAVs have been developed with the ability to capture at least elevated shots, which were unreachable previously or images from above to include the property line and property layout. Therefore, professional aerial photography services enhance the ability to accentuate the unique aspects of a property and its surroundings.

Aerial photography services enable potential buyers to know several things about the property. These include displaying the entire land and property by providing map style views that encompass high aerial shots. Besides, aerial photography offers medium aerial shots with layout, property line and features as it captures all angles of the home. Professional aerial photographers can produce low aerial shots that provide a unique angle of the property that is slightly raised, which a standard property photography cannot offer. Finally, aerial photography shows the surrounding and the neighborhood area, which allows buyers to examine the proximity of the property to amenities.


The use of aerial photography services in real estate is increasingly becoming common in the recent past. However, if you intend to use aerial photography services you should remember to hire a reputable and reliable aerial service company.