Drone Flare Inspection

Traditional techniques of inspecting flare stacks involved long, cumbersome and costly shut downs, UAS inspection processes and highly hazardous working conditions.

Droneworxs Aerial Photography provides reliable drone flare inspections that can enhance the quality and safety of inspections, increase inspection frequency and reduce inspection costs; all at once.Flare Stack Inspection- Brisbane - Droneworxs

Currently, most aerial flare inspections are performed using helicopters. While this method is faster than when line inspectors are forced to climb posts to access required points of UAS, it is very expensive and time restricted in a bit to avoid disturbance.

At Droneworxs Aerial Photography, we help our commercial clients to carry out their flare inspections within the shortest time, enabling them to continue with production while saving their maintenance crews the hassle but providing them with all the necessary data to make informed decisions in real-time.

We work closely with your engineering team, allowing them to view the live videos and high-resolution pictures and make changes, or request further information or inspection on areas that are critical or questionable.

Droneworxs Aerial Photography provides safe, easy-to-deploy and cost-effective drone technology to enable seamless flare inspection. With their state-of-the-art technology, our drones carry cameras that generate high-resolution images, and their transmitters enable easy sharing of live footage of your flare stacks.

Our drone flare inspection services are reliable and designed to add value to the construction, energy, quarries and mines, agricultural, aggregates as well as utility industries.

If you are based in Brisbane, you can join the rest of our clients in taking advantage of our expertise in operating the UAS, in depth knowledge of drone technologies, and our timely processing and delivery of data to meet your business goals.

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