Commercial Drone Photography

Drone Photography Brisbane - Commercial Buildings

Drones are increasingly becoming one of the most common gadgets in our current society. Our Airways hosts are full of manned helicopters and aeroplanes, but drones come in a different form and functionality as compared to the aircrafts that typically soar on our skies. Commercial drones are used for aerial inspection and photography for real estate marketing and other business purposes, while recreational drones are used for fun activities. Drone photography helps in reducing the cost of property inspection by eliminating the need for balancing on ladders and scaffolding. This allows for quick and efficient aerial asset inspection.

Commercial photography is important in the marketing of property as it offers a cost effective way to capture aerial photos of the entire property. The quality of the photography mainly depends on the quality of the drone and the fixed camera. Therefore, the commercial drone pilots are only as good as the quality of the equipment that they use.

With the fast growth in drone technology, many options of professional drones that are ideal for serious commercial pilots are available in the market. These are mainly UAVs with multi-rotors that are designed to offer better stability when shooting aerial photography a high altitude positions. Most commercial drone photography use drones that are fitted with the latest camera to capture ultra-HD 4K videos and 12 megapixel images from the air.

In most places, there are set of proposed regulations that target commercial drones. These rules are meant to make your life easier, but they do not affect recreational drones as they pilot their model planes in their backyards. The rules include some operational limitations such as altitude, distance (line of sight) and operator age limits.


Overall, commercial drone photography is one of the viable business ventures in today. In most places, it is illegal to fly commercial drones without special exemption or certificate.