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June 18, 2017
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Drone Property

Drone Property

Ever since drones entered the market as commercial UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, people have fuzzed over the flying objects. This sudden popularity made a lot of companies jump in and join the mayhem. In fact, today, you can see a lot of companies, integrate the use of drone property to improve their operations.

These companies specialize in different fields. There are big names in the telecommunications sector that are involved with drone technology in their operations. There also companies who specialize building the devices themselves. And then, there is the real estate and properties business sector.

Drones in the Realty Business

One of the great benefactors of the drone technology is the real estate sector. Real estate businesses now use these flying devices for drone property inspections. Real estate companies now use drones to scout prospective lands for development to see if the terrain is easy to traverse or if the land can accommodate the number of houses projected.

These drones are also highly useful for insurance firms to assess the damage and get an accurate image without having to send someone to step foot directly on the site for properties affected by fire, earthquake, hurricanes, and other possible factors. This revolution in property inspection decreased the incidents of accidents and injury to workers who risk their lives inspecting faulty buildings and damaged lands. The worker can now just observe the bedlam from afar thanks to drone property operations.

This increase in safety, in turn, increased the cost-efficiency of operations by helping real estate companies avoid sending people to dangerous lands as well as sending in equipment that might get hit by falling debris.

Aside from land inspection, more and more real estate firms and land developers have also included drones in their marketing schemes. Drone property panoramic aerial images are growing in popularity, especially for those aspiring land and housing property owners who wish to have a bird’s eye view of their prospective investment without having to rent a helicopter to survey the place.

Future of Drones in Realty

There are still so many unexplored potentials to drones that the real estate sector hasn’t been fully explored and utilized yet. So, it is safe to say that drones will still be the rave in the coming years. Soon, there will be more innovations associated with the device in the estates and land business sector that will shock and provide the masses with thrill. The future is still far from becoming bleak for drones in the estate business and there are still a lot of wonders yet to be explored.

Tony is our CASA accredited Chief Remote Drone Pilot. His role is to oversee and authorise all Company unmanned aerial operations before they leave the ground. , Having an immense background in Military aviation with the Royal New Zealand Airforce (RNZAF) he is a qualified Aircraft engineer who has worked on many military fixed and rotary wing aircraft and remotely piloted aircraft. His passion,and diverse experience in all things aviation related, place him in a position to ensure the safest and most reliable outcomes are achieved each and every time our unmanned aircraft systems take to the skies.