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June 14, 2017
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Aerial Mapping Drone

Aerial Mapping Drone

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles easily get the edge tipping for some. They see it as a technological marvel that makes work easy to accomplish and consistent in itself. However, this is just one side of a coin. People also have a bad opinion of drones. They believe they breach privacy and take away the rights of some. Many of these allegations are true and some are lies. This article will help you out in learning the opposing views regarding the use of drones.

Positive Opinions on drone usage

  • They are quick and efficient. An aerial mapping drone can easily do its tasks without any problems about fear, courage, or ethics. This may make it heartless, at least it can do the work fast and efficient.
  • They provide security. Security is a great issue to muster up. A drone can do surveillance work for you and make you feel secure as you monitor your fields or even your house from the sky.
  • They can be used in many ways. Marketing, fighting fires, surveillance, chase, reporting etc. All of these can be done by just setting a drone to work.
  • They can last for a long time. Those who have used drones know that their lifespans vary on the type of drone you purchase. Some can only last an hour and some can last for almost 5 years because of solar power. You can try out on an aerial mapping drone to see its great longevity. Just don’t crash it on purpose.
  • They remove the risk. You do not have to put yourself in harm’s way. You just have to know what the mission is and set the drone to do it for you. You can manually control it for some touches only a human do. This allows you to go to dangerous places without ever feeling at risk. You just to be extra careful, too.

Negative Opinions on drone usage

  • Privacy breach. Since drones see things from above, these things require a little tweak to give people their privacy. Some people have prying eyes that may use drones to their advantage. They also violate the private air spaces, making them prone to being shot down.
  • Removes human effort. Some even say that these things teach people how to be lazy. It requires the master to just sit and let the drone do the work. It also reduces emotions and ethical decisions to zero.
  • It is AI. Many people think that A.I. or Artificial Machines can turn loose and kill all humans. This is a very far-fetched claim. However, the fear comes from the weapons that are sometimes mounted on these things.

These opinions do not clearly state the pros and cons of drone usage but they do hit the spot. However, drones will remain machines for humans to use. It should be a good rule that you do not hit the incorrect buttons and do anything to put another’s life at risk.


Tony is our CASA accredited Chief Remote Drone Pilot. His role is to oversee and authorise all Company unmanned aerial operations before they leave the ground. , Having an immense background in Military aviation with the Royal New Zealand Airforce (RNZAF) he is a qualified Aircraft engineer who has worked on many military fixed and rotary wing aircraft and remotely piloted aircraft. His passion,and diverse experience in all things aviation related, place him in a position to ensure the safest and most reliable outcomes are achieved each and every time our unmanned aircraft systems take to the skies.