The Best Aerial Photographers

Aerial photography can be defined as taking photos of the ground from a direct-down/elevated position. Normally, the camera or drone isn’t supported by any ground based structure.

Usually, the platforms for aerial photography include vehicle mounted poles, stand-alone telescoping, parachutes, kites, pigeons, rockets, blimps and dirigibles, balloons’, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and last but not least, unmanned aerial vehicles (AKA Drones).

Aerial photograph - Briabane - bribie island

Mounted drones can either be triggered automatically or remotely. You ought not to confuse aerial photography with air to air photography, whereby air crafts are utilized as chase planes.

In case you are fascinated by the thought of becoming an aerial photographer, then I have compiled a list of all the sites and individuals that you need to follow for insights, tutorials, tips, and inspiration.

Since the invention of the drone, aerial photography has been transformed. Besides being cost friendly, the other advantages’ of utilizing a drone instead of a helicopter are that;

  1. It can take some fantastic shots through mountains that helicopters cannot fit in.
  2. It does not result in a wind force blowing out plants or leaves of the trees.
  3. It does not create ripples in waters as helicopters do.
  4. It can get closer to the subject.
  5. And the best upside is, you are in utter control of the situation. It is much easier to toggle the unmanned vehicle to any angle that you desire than it is having to ask the helicopter pilot to flip the copter around.

Below is a list of the best aerial photographers in the industry, from landscape to surfing, nature photography, city, and video.

The goal of this content is to exhibit a collection of amazing aerial photographers. When bearing in mind the video side of it, it is likewise possible to witness how the unmanned vehicle footage can be combined with other shots to narrate a story and convey a message.

Doing all this is a challenge, so follow these sites, and you’ll learn how they did it.

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