Aerial Mapping Drone

Utilising our specialised UAV, we are able to provide a revolutionary new way to map out locations for our clients in a safe and accurate way and can be applicable for mining, industrial and government industries. We specialise in the provision of high resolution aerial survey and spatial solutions. Working as a seamless integrated team, we understand the need for reliable, timely survey data to enhance productivity or for determining precise geographical location.

Droneworxs Surveys are a cost-effective alternative to conventional aerial surveys as well as mapping, so whether it be simple oblique photography, complete or more complex 3D modelling required, we will capture and process your data accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Range of UAV/Drone applications:

Aerial mapping drone

  • Drone-based land cover classification and mapping
  • Mapping and surveying of land and infrastructure environments
  • Suitable for small and medium scale areas
  • Mines, gravel pits, construction sites and remote working
  • Land surveying for site plans, status plans and documentation of construction progress
  • Surveying and mapping for cartography, orthophotography, topography, cadastral surveys and urban and regional development
  • Drone-based surveying and measurements of objects and areas to create point clouds, digital terrain modelling (DTM), digital elevation modelling (DEM) and volumetric analysis
  • Inspection and survey of land, embankments, dams and retaining walls
  • Archeological surveys and excavation monitoring
  • Geo information system applications (GIS)

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