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Angles and views that were, until now, only accessible to professional sports teams are now available to all with our versatile systems.  Operating safely and efficiently, our aerial cameras provide unique coverage that is unavailable from the sidelines.  When blended with our high-end ground capabilities, we produce seamless videos and galleries that showcase your organization’s true spirit.

Drones are changing the way many things are being photographed and one of these is capturing sporting events. For the fans watching back home, camera angles are ultra important.

Ground camera technology has increasingly gotten better with time, but it has plateaued. There really are a limited amount of angles you can get on flat ground. That’s where UAV photography comes in, as it truly gives the viewer a whole different perspective.

Benefits of Using Drones to Film Sports

Drones offer many benefits that traditional photography just can’t compete with. One of the most important is that these drones can travel virtually anywhere. As long as they aren’t interfering with the sport, they are good to go. This means they can go out to the ocean for water sports, or the top of mountains for winter sports. This is why they are able to capture such incredible shots.

Another huge benefit of commercial UAVs is their quickness and manoeuvrability. These drones are able to cover some serious ground, with some having top speeds of over 50 mph! Add that lightning fast speed to the fact that they are small and can maneuver in and out of difficult places. Also, the gimbals on the cameras allow the photographers to capture the highest quality images, usually in stunning 4k.

Best of all, they are around the same price as a normal photographer. The drone just needs a drone operator and a good quality drone costs several grand; about the same as a camera. Drones have really made aerial photography much more affordable and therefore much more widely used.

Sports Captured

This use of drones first caught the public’s attention when they were used in the 2014 Sochi Olympics to film skiing and snowboarding events. Since then, drone photography in sports took off and they are now used for a variety of sports.

Most of the sports that are being filmed with drones fall into the category of action sports. I already mentioned the two at the Olympics, but other ones include car racing, the X Games, Supercross, surfing, and skateboarding.

The reason these sports are most commonly filmed by UAVs has to do with the benefits these drones have that was already mentioned. These are some of the fastest moving and unpredictable sports out there.

Some of them, like surfing, aren’t in arenas, but just in the environment. This makes it hard for viewers and camera crews to get good shots of the action. Drones change that as they are fast moving and can travel within feet from these athletes. For example, with the winter sports at the Olympics, drones were literally hovering meters away from skiers as they shot down slopes. This gave the audience a first-person view, one that simply wasn’t possible before.

Other more traditional sports that they have filmed include cricket in Australia and some soccer games around the world It may take some time for them to become used more widespread with stadium sports.

That is due to the fact that a stadium is much more contained and they already have large pieces of infrastructure for filming. Also, overhead views aren’t as liked in these sports and the technology is already there to provide them anyway. Still, you may start to see more major sports implementing drones into their filming in the future as the popularity of them rises.

Fly Overs

Drones may only be used once or twice in a sporting event for fly-overs. These shots have been around for decades and are usually just quick little time fillers after a commercial break. They give a unique and stunning shot to the viewers of the competition.

These used to be expensive because the camera crews would have to use helicopters or blimps. Now, fly-overs are much more common with drones. It really wouldn’t make sense to do them with any other piece of technology.

For example, Fox Sports have been using them for fly-overs for golf, NASCAR, and many other sports. This goes to show that drones are sometimes used as the major camera angle, or just an occasional novel one. Next time you see a quick fly-over shot, you can almost be sure a drone filmed it.

Other Uses in Sports

While commercial UAVs do offer incredible views for the fans, they actually are advantageous for coaches and athletes as well. More and more, coaches of American football, baseball, and soccer have been using these in practices to further analyze their players.

Being able to break down and look at practice from an overhead view is giving many coaches a huge advantage. They can get extremely up and close and examine small nuances that they may have missed during practices.

Future of Drones in Sports

All of this innovation in the sporting world with drones has all taken place in just the last couple of years. It truly begs the question: what’s next?

Some have suggested that one day, drones may take the place of on the field referees. The drones would follow the plays, probably much better than any human could do, and then the ref would make the call from the sideline, from the view they saw from the drone. It’d be pretty crazy and probably very unlikely in the future, but you never know.

Besides just filming sports, drones now actually are the sport. Drone racing is something that just took off with FPV drone racing. This has already gotten million dollars TV deals with giants like ESPN. It’s quite impressive seeing how skilled some of these operators are, as they navigate through tough obstacles and compete to see who can finish first.

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