SkyEye Drone Service for Enthusiasts

Drones for Entertainment

You think cellphones, televisions, laptops and Ipad were the gadgets people want to gain? Think more for we have enthusiasts too in drones. Drone Service is rising up in this modern generation whether it is business or a form of entertainment.

Do you know that drones can be used in a form of entertainment? You might never hear that drones can be used in racing events. If you are good in enough in handing a remote control then this sport is just for all drone fanatics out there.

SkyEye is one of the leading companies in the Philippines for drones. You can avail drones and use it for aerial mapping & surveying or if you are passionate in making homemade videos or take a lot of pictures then you too can also avail it for videography or photography.

What is Drone Racing?

Drone Racing became popular in Australia by 2014 and right now it is made popular in countries like the Philippines. Drone can be done in a football field, or any huge open space.SkyEye has organized drone racing events every months. So if you wanted to join then go and sign up. Players are required to wear goggles in this event and the person must always be in FPV meaning First Person View. You should never drink before the event starts. You must not also hit drones on other people. Strictly prohibited!

The rule of this game is to pass the drone through any obstacles like walls, tunnels, cones or perhaps flags.

Available Drones for Drone Racing

There are plenty of drones you can avail for drone racing. You can avail them on three of these online shopping sites like Lazada Philippines, WeShop PH, and Toy Game World.

So are you sporty enough to let your drones fly and compete with other people then do not hesitate to do so and buy drones & join the big event. This hobby is not only for adults but also for teenagers like you.

So Drone Service is good even in entertainment. Who knows this can be your next favourite pastime. Right?