Real Estate Photography Rates Around The World

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A standard real estate photography shoot from a proficient photographer normally costs somewhere in between $100 and $300 per photo shoot (no videos.). Kindly note; I said, “from a proficient photographer.”

You can always find a new photographer who’s willing to give it a try for $90 or so, though most real estate agents are fed up with the issues that come along with employing a newbie with no history in the business- poor quality work, no invoicing procedure, and late photo deliveries.

A plain shoot usually involves a short driving distance for the professional photographer, and a delivery of only 20 to 50 photos. Noticeably, the more images the photographer is estimated to deliver, the more duration it will take the photographer to take, cull, and process the photos.

Samples of Real Estate Photography Rates around the World

I supposed it would be of assistance if you perused through some other real estate photography rates around the world so you could get a rough idea of how much you should charge, or be charged.

I am not implying that you ought to get charged these exact prices in case you stay in one of the stated locations, these are just intended to give you an approximate.

  • Real estate photography rates in Maine are; $190 for residences below 3,000 square feet and $225 for residences exceeding 3,000 square feet.
  • Real estate photography rate in Utah is around; $300 for videography or $130 for photos only.
  • Proficient photographers’ from Oregon charge $115 for real estate images.
  • Real estate photography rates in Phoenix range from; $200 to $270 for real estate images shot at twilight, and $165 to $230 for real estate images shot at daytime.
  • Real estate photography rates in Miami range from $250 and $500 for photos only.
  • Most real estate photography rates in Dallas range from; $375 for videos and pictures, and $165 for photos only.