The Most Important ThingTo Know And Do To Fly A Drone Brisbane For Fun And Recreation

Do you have a drone and are desiring to have some good fun and recreation flying it? Do you live in Brisbane and are fascinated by the great scenery of this beautiful city and would love to experience an aerial view of it without necessarily boarding a plane? Well, you can and you should. Your drone is made for the sky. So what does it take to fly for fun and recreation, a drone Brisbane?

It takes knowing and adhering to a few rules and regulations. Drones have gained enormous popularity in the recent years with millions purchasing and flying them all over. Brisbane isn’t left out on this. While it’s a cool thing to fly a drone for fun and be able to capture great aerial footage, there are potential risks involved in flying them too.

Flying a drone for fun and recreation in Brisbane is strictly regulated by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) which has a set of published rules and regulations regarding the flying of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). This shouldn’t deter you from flying your drone. The rules are quite easy and friendly.

Flying a drone for fun in Brisbane needs no special approval from CASA. Either way, you have to adhere to CASA’s drone flying rules if you want to fly safely. To begin with, you must fly your drone within your Visual Line of Sight, meaning that you must fly it within a range where you can be able to see it. You’re also not allowed to fly at night. Flights are only limited to daytime.

The rules also place a maximum flight height of 394 feet high, this being viewed as a controlled airspace. Going higher than this while flying for fun will need you to get special approval from CASA. Keep in mind that the drone must not be flown in places that are overcrowded with people. This is to eliminate any risk of damage or injury in the event of a technical failure of the drone that would result in a crash.

Ensure that you fly the drone at least 98 feet away from people. Remember, the safety of others comes first. Some crowded places restricted to the flying of drones include stadiums, beaches, parks, and sports events, just to mention a few.

Drones colliding with aircraft is one of the dreaded events that is feared to happen, and which CASA is highly strict about. To ensure safety and prevent such accidents from taking place, CASA regulates the flying of drones to a 3.4 miles distance away from airports, more so from airplane takeoff and landing lanes. Drones shouldn’t in any way interfere with airplane flights.

Privacy is a great concern for many property owners. Flying a drone for recreation purposes should be done with high regard for this factor. It would be an act of trespassing when you take photos or shoot videos of private property without the consent of the owners.

You may find yourself on the wrong side of the law if you breach territory and state privacy trespass laws by flying your drone on someone’s property and capturing footage with no prior authorization from them.  While you enjoy the flight, be in a good standing with the law.

Recreation flying of drones is something that most drone owners love to do in Brisbane. The fun in it is quite satisfying. So while you fly high and enjoy the great aerial imagery, keep in mind that a few regulations must be followed to account for a safe flight. Enjoy flying your drone the CASA way. Follow a few simple rules and guidelines and the sky is all yours. Enjoy your flight!