The Essentiality of Drone Video Real Estate

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing is one of the most difficult things to do today. Not only social media can help market a subdivision. Do you know that drones can be used to capture clear videos? With drones they can easily get a shot of anything that surrounds a subdivision like dramatic landscapes, birds flying in the sky, a waterfall or perhaps anything that are pleasing to one’s eyes. Drone Video Real Estate can easily capture a customer’s attention.

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Available Drones for Real Estate Marketing

Aside from Aerial Inspection Services drones, there also available drones for capturing a real estate with cheaper costs which is found in

  • Typhoon H – this drone has a 4K CG03 + Camera Gimbal. Its features include a 360 degree unobstructed camera, 20 minute flight time, 3000 ft range, a retractable landing gear, collision avoidance, a reliable 6-rotor design, and 1 to 2 operators can use this drone. This drone has a cost of $999.
  • Phantom 4 Pro – this drone has a 4K Camera + Gimbal. This type of drone is the most advanced with only a solo operator can use this. Its features include object tracking, collision avoidance, live HD Video Streaming (1 km), a Tap-to-Fly & Tap-to-Track mechanism, 20-30 min flight time and 7 km range. This costs for $1,499.
  • DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 – for $1,999, this drone has a Inspire 1 camera and gimbal. This type of drone is has a professional HD video probably one of the clearest video that can be used to capture a real estate. Its feature includes 1 to 2 operators same with Typhoon H, Detachable 9-Lens 4K Camera, Unique Spreading Wings Design, 3 axis gimbal with pixel-level stabilization, full remote camera control and 2km range.

With these drones you can easily avail a real estate marketing service.

Benefits of Using Drones to Market Real Estate

With the use of autopilot, these drones can create a dramatic compelling image whether outside of a house or its interior design. Customers can easily be guided with these drones especially in virtual tour like seeing the entire content of a mansion. Also drones can help survey the landscape of a backyard, a nearby park or perhaps anything that is close to it like a school, a church or a convenience store.

Drone Video Real Estate is really very beneficial. You save money!