Drone Photography Real Estate

Drone Photography Bulimba

Drone photography has taken real estate to the next significant level. In fact, every serious real estate agent knows that great presentation is important in attracting potential buyers. Drone photography real estate offers clients an ambitious marketing plan that matches the size and the quality of the property. Besides, most potential buyers do their first research online and then later contact the real estate agents for clarification before the deal.

Therefore, most real estate agents make significant upfront investments in candid photography to ensure that they have stunning shots that attract the interest of potential buyers. The interiors may be great, but marketing requires other selling points like outdoor features, vast acreage or landscaping, which have a strong history of being hard to capture without flying cameras. However, the use of a drone is better than hiring helicopters to hover over the property to get aerial shots, as UAVs are far much cheaper and easy to operate as compared to aircraft.

Currently, drone technology has enabled agents to capture High-definition images. The images create an impressive virtual experience that offers potential customers the option of apparently accessing the property without leaving their homes. Besides, the recent changes to rules on the use of unmanned aircraft or drones have allowed real estate agents to use the machines for photography.

It is also becoming increasingly easier to find licensed and insured businesses that are willing and able to offer you with the footage that you need in marketing your property. Therefore, if you want to capture your property for marketing, you do not need to mind about the complexities of using UAVs in shooting images or videos.


In conclusion, the latest advancement in drone technology is substantially changing how most successful real estate agents are advertising their properties. Besides, the new relaxed rules governing the flying of drones and the increasing number of business that offers the services have made it more appealing.