A Detailed Post On How To Perform Solar Panel Inspections

Just like every other artificial infrastructure, solar panels require regular inspections. Unmanned Aerial vehicles incorporated with ideal thermal cameras are the best options for inspections since in most scenarios they’ll save you some cash compared to if you had opted to use visual control with handheld IR camera.

Newly manufactured solar panels are considered both robust and reliable but with minimized efficiency contingent upon the operating conditions and environmental conditions.

Damages from small vibrations from within the building, moisture intrusions, lightning strikes, and thaw/freeze cycles can immensely affect the integrity of solar panel installations.

Keenly planned inspections’ and regular automatic reporting can help you maintain your solar panel for prolonged efficiency and reliable operations.’

Solar panel reporting and inspection services can be offered regardless of whether you are an engineering organization or a private owner. Drones can be flown up to within 10 meters from the solar panel so as to allow detailed visual inspections or at further distances’, to allow the garnered thermographic images to be brought together with high definition image captures.’

The data produced will include a Global Positioning System (GPS) tag identifier showing the exact positional recordings of complete array defects or local hotspots.

Amidst the solar panel inspection, the images will be transmitted to the main station on the ground for direct visualizations and recorded videos for post processing.

In case you are performing the inspection yourself, then your primary platform for inspection ought to be the Zenith equipped thermal Camera.

Below are several advantages of utilizing drones with thermal imaging cameras on solar panel evaluations;

  • Anomalies will be clearly perceived through the crisp thermal image.
  • Thermal cameras incorporated on a drone also allow scanning of vast areas within a short period of time.
  • Thermal cameras can likewise be utilized to scan installed solar panels amid normal operations.