ChoosingThe Best and Most Affordable Photography Brisbane Services For Hire Photography Video For Real Estate Marketing

Your homes sales portfolio is a great determiner as to whether you will attract prospective home buyers who make an ultimate purchase decision or not. A top listing on the internet relies greatly on how well your photos and videos are attracting more viewership. Getting affordable drone photography Brisbane services for hire photography video is essential in attaining the best photos and videos for your marketing portfolio.

First impressions matter a lot. With the high number of properties in Brisbane being advertised online, realty agents have the task to attract more interested buyers to their websites. Real estate photography aims to sell a lifestyle to people. A home is a high-value asset. High-quality photos and videos need to appear on your advertisement platforms such as flyers, signboards, brochures, websites and social media sites.

The big question for a realty marketer now remains, ‘How can I pick out a professional drone photographer and videographer to meet this need and how much will it cost me?’

A good place to source for a good drone service professional in Brisbane is on the web. A quick online search on will ultimately connect you to service providers. What to look out for though is their level of skill and expertise, their years of experience, previous clients they have worked for, their portfolio, customer feedback and reviews, flexibility, and price.

When it comes to price ranges and estimates, different drone service providers charge different prices for different aerial photography and videography jobs. The variation in cost may be largely due to the brand, where an established brand could typically charge more than an upcoming brand. The equipment used could also cause a variation in pricing.

The scope and nature of work are also a determiner of price ranges. Some photographers’ charge estimates may be as low as $100 for 10 photos for a small house interior and $130 for 15 photos or a medium and large house interiors. Photo edits can be done where an empty house can be edited to appear as having furniture, this done at an estimated $50 price for each image.

Video shots can range at about $230 for a 30-second long clip, and the price keeps going up as the length of the clip increases. Editing and addition of background music and voiceovers could potentially increase the price range.

Exterior drone aerial shots lift the price bar a bit higher, prices ranging between $300 to $500. Potential buyers are able to see more features beyond the house such as the surrounding landscape and neighborhood, roads and public amenities.

It’s not always advisable to go for the cheapest price since the service providers may not be that skilled to capture market standard photos and videos. Highly skilled and experienced drone service providers are worth every penny, regardless of how expensive they may be.

Their ability to bring out great lighting, capture images at great angles, highlight important details, add special effects to the image, and create eye-catching photos and videos makes them worth investing in. They may also have more advanced drones and equipment that brings out great results.

The main aim of drone photography and videography is to display the property as it is in its true build, appearance, and feel, reflecting to buyers a true representation of the property really is. Be sure to highlight the property’s key selling points to drive in more sales.

It’s hard to really accurately state the exact cost for what exactly you need drone services for. But even so, the most important things to consider while looking for a drone service provider in Brisbane is the compliance with the CASA regulations and the final output of images and videos captured. Previous work done for other clients is a clear reflection of what you will most likely get.

Drones still remain to be the best photography and videography tools to use compared to choppers, pole and terrestrial photography methods. You are guaranteed of high quality at a fairly reasonable price. If you are a realty marketer looking for the best real estate marketing photography and videos in Brisbane, go for the most skilled provider with tangible experience and a workable price range.