Benefits of Using Drones to Perform Aerial Surveys

Aerial survey can be defined as a method of garnering Geomatics, or other images by the use of Drones, helicopters, airplanes, or other aerial approaches.

Aerial survey can be differentiated from satellite imagery technologies by its better quality, resolution, and atmospheric conditions. Today, aerial survey falls in the same class as aero-photogrammetry; which is a subsection of photogrammetry where the camera is positioned in the air.

On this post, we will only highlight the benefits of using drones to perform aerial surveys.

Like we had stated earlier, you can utilize drones (those small unmanned air crafts) for aerial surveys and mapping. To achieve this, one ought to combine geometrically calibrated cameras with low altitude aerial photography and a technique known as photogrammetry.

Once all these are incorporated, you can create orthophoto mosaics as well as 3D terrain models and digital elevations. The usage of drones for mapping and aerial survey comes with several advantages compared to the usage of GPS measurements out in the field and/or traditional aerial photography.

To begin with, all drones can be quickly deployed since they do not need cloud cover to launch. The outcomes are also impressive, both in accuracy and resolution, since the photos are captured at a much lower altitude than in traditional aerial photography.

Moreover, the cost of deploying a drone is incredibly cheap. On average, using a drone for an aerial survey is 4 times inexpensive compared to conventional aerial photography.

Most Drones feature an in built self-positioning and landing system. Despite the fact that the operator ought to be proficient in drone flying, the advanced system’s accuracy and reliability imply that using drones for aerial survey is a very safe mean of reaching in-accessible regions.

Once it comes to Aerial survey, drones can be utilized in a vast number of areas including, boundary disputes, 3D Visualization, inspections, marketing, and so much more.

The rising number of software apps using drone imagery ranges from agricultural monitoring to building modeling.