Beginners Availing a Drone for Aerial Photography

Different Services for Drones

Drones are known for having a camera and seeing them flying in the air. These drones captures the best images just for you and businesses can be expanded with drones. Many people may or may not avail Drone for Aerial Photography but it can be a great help in any form of business or it can be used for leisure time only. You can make money if you have stunning images.
Drones are used in different services like:

  • Real Estate Photography – Most popularly in Australia, where the interior of your home will be featured at its best.
  • Promotional Video – these are TV commercials or perhaps a movie trailer. Drones can be helpful even in show businesses. Promotional videos can be posted on any social media sites.
  • Sporting and Events – We all know drone racing. With this service it captures any ground breaking moment that has taken place in this event.
  • Weddings – Prenuptial Wedding, Beach Weddings or anything that has took place during a wedding. Drones can take a lot of precious moments and there you can see with your spouse how breath-taking your wedding day is.
  • Commercial Marine – Like advertising a cruise line or perhaps a passenger ferry. With drones it can capture beautiful images in a cruise line whether you own a drone or someone is holding it.
  • Resort + Golf Course – So drones can help survey and advertise a beach resort or perhaps beautiful pools. Golf courses filled with drones can be a huge help to locate a missing golf ball.
  • Aerial Advertising Banner – These are advertisements of a big area like Megaworld. With drones they can take images of what other features that are has like malls, convenience store, restaurants, etc.

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Being a Beginner in Aerial Photography

Are you a beginner in using drones? Do you want to avail yourself with this type of gadget? Drones are for everybody whether you’re working, a teenager or perhaps a retired businessman.
Drones is one of the best things to have aside modern things we have today like fidget spinners, Ipad or different types of cellphones. Cameras attached on drones are high tech this is what we call Phantom 4. Phantom 4 can easily pass through obstacles and take worthwhile and clear pictures. You can avail a DJI Phantom 4 12MP Drone for P84, 000.00 at Lazada Philippines. All you got to do is to save money for it.

Beginner’s Guide in Aerial Photography

According to Digital, they have an ultimate guide for beginners starting their aerial photography.

  1. Be one with your drone
  2. Meaning you have to read the manual first on how to set up your drone. You must identify whether it is remote controlled or it requires a firmware.
  3. Accessorize
  4. Some drones are sold separately. Sometimes you may need to buy an extra battery for your drone or perhaps an additional camera. If you are looking for a complete package then you can have any of these drones.
  5. Understand your Legal Boundaries
    – Some drones require you to register. The Federal Aviation Administration has made an announcement that 2015 that drones UAV that weighs between 0.55 lbs. and 55 lbs. needs a full registration of the pilot (Complete name, address and email address).
  6. Don’t forget your settings
    – Always bring along some tools in using your drone. Don’t forget what you read in the manual.
  7. Make use of smart mode.
    – Drones such as Hexo+ and AirDog are available with smart mode.
  8. Everything is fixable in post-production
    – If you want to edit your photos and videos then you can use software like Sony Vegas Pro11, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro

So Drone for Aerial Photography is really fun and very amazing!