Awareness within the drone industry

Drones Used in Real Estate Aerial Photography

Regardless of what the FAA says, drones are making a huge splash in the real estate business. No matter if you are selling a property yourself or hiring a broker to do it for you, drone video footage of real estate is slowly establishing itself as a necessary tool in the process.

Here are three reasons why:

1. Drone footage of a property is part of an effective marketing plan.

The best brokers have a plan when it comes to selling properties. Everyone appreciates the value of a plan but in the competitive real estate market, having a plan that is different from all of the others is what will help you get the listing, and/or sell the property.

2. It will help you to market the property by showing specific footage.

The same thing goes for the people that are selling the property themselves, they need a way to market the property in a way that shows it to it’s best advantage.
Images showing  the house from a bird’s eye view is compelling and provides a sense of scale.

Oh, the house has a pool? This is how much of the backyard it actually takes up.

The roof was recently redone? You bet a realtor is going to want to show that off.

But contextualising that house within the neighborhood kicks it up a notch.

A drone can show prospective buyers what it’s like to pull out of the driveway, what the other houses on the cul de sac look like.

3. Going forward.

As people learn more about what drones can provide and they start to see drone footage accompanying online listings, the benefits will become more apparent. Especially for people looking to move far enough away that going back and forth is a hassle. For now, drone footage is being used mostly for high end properties but, as with most things as it gets easier and cheaper to produce, it will become just another thing people expect when looking for a new home.