Aerial Inspection

concrete inspection

Aerial inspections are important as they offer a bird’s eye view, which helps in identifying potential problems and faults that are not visible from the ground. Therefore, it forms an integral part of your inspection program by ensuring your property remains in great shape as possible. Building and aerial land inspection is increasingly becoming one of the most effective ways to examine faults on complex or large sites.

Aerial inspection offers a safer, quicker, as well as cost effective and a comprehensive way to inspects you network as compared to climbing checks and foot patrols. This is because of the use of drones or helicopters, which provide a more flexible approach. Besides, aerial inspection applies a consistent method that is standardised to achieve the target condition assessment. The inspection produces a permanent imagery record for regulatory, auditing and legal purposes and offers a written summary report. This report allows maintenance prioritisation and provides tailored information that helps in enhancing your decision-making on investment and strategic planning.

Using aerial inspection services helps in overcoming the shortcomings of traditional foot patrols. This is because it combines the ability of the machine used in taking photographs with the skills of the photographer to offers an excellent assessment of the property. After aerial inspection, technology experts assess the collected data and photographic information and make suggestions on areas that require preventative maintenance or any other attention.


Overall, aerial inspection has become an effective way of examining or inspecting properties. Use of machines like drones means that one can examine structures safely in a cost effective way without the need for scaffolding. Besides, the technology can help in reducing the time taken in surveying land or building, which would take weeks before. Aerial inspection allows for regular monitoring to be conducted smoothly and safely.