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The Application of Drones for Pipeline Inspection

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In our world today, Pipeline companies are highly faced with ever-increasing regulatory and operating pressures. The increase in government regulation on pipelines has resulted into the springing up of several technological innovations like the use of drones for pipeline inspection , Remote video , and remote NDT pipeline inspection, all these to make inspection on pipeline faster and easier. Since pipeline operators need access to analyse signs of metallic loss, corrosion on pipes and other defects to efficiently detect the problems and ensure safety, new regulations are proposed or introduced each year that require mapping, facility inventories, pipe inspections, environmental reporting, and public safety.

What You Need To Know About Pipeline Inspection

Pipeline Inspection- This is commonly known as a technique used in checking the functionality of natural gas transmission pipelines either from the inside or outside of the engineering pipe or pipe plants. Since pipeline are popularly used in transporting energy like gas in a long distance, it is essential to carry out frequent inspection and maintenance otherwise; pipes are prone to failure. And failures on pipelines can lead to a dangerous effect on any plant or human around the place of occurrence.

Why inspection should be carried out on Pipeline

Inspection of pipeline is carried out to prevent pipeline failure, and to extend the design life of the pipeline up to 80 – 100 years.

Why the Application of Drones for Pipeline Inspection

Using drone for pipeline inspection delivers high productivity than the manual inspection method. Additionally, it helps to save cost and time when used to carry out activities such as data gathering and analysis, maintenance, and surveillance workflow on any pipeline. Drone technology provides predictive insights on facilities to drive operational decisions, and lead to the improvement of business processes. However, considering the facts that there are many thousands of miles pipeline crisscrossed among each other in a large area. Employing planes or helicopter for pipeline inspection might be time consuming and expensive. And Since Drones are also flying machines equipped with high quality and sensor technology; it can be employed to carry out efficient pipeline inspection.

Benefits of Using Drones for Pipeline Inspection

Drones are highly beneficial when used for pipeline inspection because; it tends to cover a large area in a systematic way. It can easily be programmed and controlled to reach difficult and restricted areas which might be crucial in identifying a problem in any engineering gas pipeline plant. The use of drones for inspection of pipeline saves time and cost and allows pipeline inspector to get the job done faster and more comfortably.

With the high productivity achieved when drones are used for pipeline inspection, monitoring and maintenance, it is sure that its application for pipeline inspection will be of great benefit.



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