Drone Flare Inspection
September 17, 2017
Drone Photography Brisbane
September 17, 2017
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Drone Inspection

Droneworxs Aerial Photography is a licensed and fully insured Brisbane-based drone photography services company that safely delivers creative and technical perfection in high demand environments.

We are a team of experienced photojournalists and drone photographers with many years of experience in close proximity, high risk indoor and closed-set operations.

Our fleet of drones and filming equipment are amazing, and the expertise to use them to their full potential makes us the no. 1 choice for your next challenging creative project.

Chimney Inspection-Brisbane - Droneworxs

We are committed to providing creative, timely and effective aerial drone inspection services in a safe and professional manner. From roof inspection, drone roof inspection, drone flare inspection to drone asset inspection, we take your new project to new heights.

Drone inspection has made the process of accessing hard-to-reach areas not only safer but also easier, and a lot more cost-effective. Using drones to carry out real estate, asset and roof inspections is safer and extremely cost-effective considering you won’t scale any heights.

While many businesses and home owners pay thousands of dollars to get scaffolding quotations, experts at Droneworxs Aerial Photography are performing a full building inspection for just a fraction of the cost.

When you need air support anywhere in Brisbane, be sure to call in trusted aerial mapping drone experts to make the difference.

Video and Photo Data Only

We first inspect the asset or real estate project, providing extremely close-up shots and videos of any area of focus or interest.

Video Highlighting Defects

We deploy our in-house Building Surveyor to process the filmed imagery and/or videos and deliver a digital report and video with highlights of possible issues.

Drone roof inspection

With our winning combination of video, photo and thermal image inspection for roofs, we provide instant diagnostics for any faulty roofs or even solar panels.

Drone Asset Inspection

Using state-of-the-art, high-resolution imaging cameras, we perform flare imaging inspections on real estate properties as requested by our client.

At Droneworxs Aerial Photography, we ensure compliance with health and safety rules and regulations and enable you to have instant access to the most difficult places while saving you the hassle besides getting the job done professionally and within your budget.

If you are ready for an aerial inspection service, please call us today with your requirements.