5 Tips on How to Package and Price Your Aerial Drone Photography Services

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September 13, 2017
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September 14, 2017
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5 Tips on How to Package and Price Your Aerial Drone Photography Services

Many companies that offer aerial drone services tend to package and price their services in slightly different ways as compared to the rest. This can be a challenge to a commercial pilot who is aspiring to venture into the business.

The article discusses some of the best tips on the best ways to price and package your aerial drone photography services. However, you can try to mix them or use them to come up with your modes of packaging that will suit your business. Here are the seven tips on how to package your aerial drone photography services.

  1. Provide a Custom Quote for Each Project

Providing a custom quote for each project is the in most cases the common way to price your aerial drone photography services. The process of custom is however not that easy as you must have an idea of what you would like to charge for each form of deliverable before you provide a quote. Besides, the process of custom quoting must also be standardised to avoid giving your clients the misconception that you are trying to take much out of them depending on their budget.

Standardizing the process requires you to lay out each of the deliverables that you offer such as videos, pictures and much more and then fix a price range for each one of them. This price ranges can either be large or small depending on the deliverable. It is also important to decide whether you will stick to these fields entirely or if you will have to move out of the range sometimes. In case of going out of price range, you should communicate this to your clients on your website personally through email or over the phone.

  1. Choose a Suitable Model of Pricing

It is important for you as a professional drone pilot to select the mode of pricing that suits specific projects. This could be full package pricing or hourly pricing.

The hourly pricing allows you to be paid well for the time that put into the project regardless of whether it takes a longer or shorter time than expected. However, you should avoid forcing projects to take longer deliberately, so that earn more money, as this will ruin your business image in the end. Therefore, you should be honest about the time that the projects usually take and come up with a fair price for such kind of projects.

  1. Figure out a Convenient Turnaround Time

Figuring out the most convenient turnaround time helps in making some particular package and pricing makes your aerial drone photography services more attractive. The turnaround time refers to how fast you deliver the photos after shooting. Choosing a shorter turnaround time enables your clients to use the deliverables sooner.

However, it is important to consider first the time that you take to shoot, put together and edit those photos before you choose your turnaround time. It is advisable to include your shortest turnaround time to the high-priced packages and the longest turnaround time to cheaper packages.

  1. Package and Price According to Image Size, Resolution, Number of Images and Photoshop Editing

You can package still photos in different ways, which includes image size and resolution. Providing different image sizes and resolution to your clients allows them to use the photos for various purposes without compromising on the quality of the picture. It is advisable to provide additional sizes and resolutions on your highly priced packages and less or resolutions on your cheaper ones.

  1. Consider the Equipment

Finally, you can price packages of aerial drone photography services depending on the equipment that you are using. The package and pricing can be done based on the quality of the camera or the drone if the camera is not interchangeable. This serves as an assurance to the clients that you have the knowledge of your equipment and offers them the quality that matches the value of their money.


In conclusion, you now have five different but effective ways that use to package and price your aerial drone photography services. The packaging of your services is important to your business as it determines the amount of money that you and how to make it.