The Incredible Drone Photography Australia

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September 11, 2017
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September 12, 2017
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The Incredible Drone Photography Australia

The Awesome Australia

Australia is one of the dream destination people wanted to travel. Aside from kangaroos, there are lot of beautiful places with beautiful landscapes you could see if you travel here. Drone Photography Australia calls all drone photographers to take wonderful pictures to promote Australia’s wonder to people.

Australia From AboveRaby Bay with Stradbroke label

An event has been organized in Australia called “Australia From Above” where aspiring drone photographers join this contest to take pictures of what is seen on Australia.

All in all there about 6,500 images to see. Lisa Ronson who is the chief marketing officer of Tourism Australia and the judge of this contest was actually stunned with the pictures taken by the photographers.

That May 19, three were selected as winners out of 12. The grand prize was a stay at “Wyadup Spa” and also the winner won a variety of DJI drone equipment with an Australia travel package worth nearly $22,273according to CNN

Can you imagine there are plenty of outstanding photographers in Australia? Many of them are drone users.

Next time this event will happen. It’s up for you to join and be excited. Australia has become a premiere choice as tourists’ destination.

Looking at Australia From Below

You can get some view of what Australia can show you from the mountains to the small places from the airplane you’re riding on but that is just quick snippet. You haven’t seen anything yet.

With drones, looking at Australia has never been so awesome. One of the hobbies made by a photographer is flying his drone through Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. You can easily imagine that you are riding an airplane.

There are beautiful buildings, trees that are well-shaped, and a clear view of the water. The drone can not only move forward but can also turn around and look what’s behind it. How cool is that?

The drone can go up and down and show you what you haven’t seen. Whether you are on a job as a photographer or going on a roadtrip then Australia has many places where you can go to and you can bring alone not only your cellphone, your selfie stick or your laptop but also your drones.

Drone Advertising has never been in demand before. With Drone Aerial Photography Australia it can make you feel that you’re dreaming big. Drones are cool!