Brisbane Drone Flying Regulations

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September 11, 2017
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Brisbane Drone Flying Regulations

Drones (also alluded to as Unmanned aerial vehicles) have surged in affordability and popularity in Brisbane over the last couple of years, and there is no improbability that “for fun” drone utilization has been on the upsurge as a result.

The problem is, not all recreational drone pilots comprehend the law, and in case they do, then most of them do not appear to be obeying it.

The other month, a Brisbane recreational drone pilot was under investigation by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority after clearly hovering a drone over a swarming Bunnings park just to collect a sausage at a sausage sizzle.

In Brisbane, Australia, in case you desire to fly a drone for amusement, then you do not need Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s (CASA) approval provided that you abide by the authority’s straight forward rules.

These rules are also referred to as standard operating conditions.

You need to only fly your drone inside a visual line of sight, i.e., where you will be able to see the drone with your eyes all the time, rather than with assistance from a telescope or binoculars.

Even more, you are only allowed to fly in visual meteorological regulations, which normally implies that no night flights.

In many Australian cities, you are only permitted to fly your drone to a maximum height of 120 meters, since beyond this distance, it’s considered controlled airspace.

To fly your recreational drone higher than that, then you will need to seek out approval from CASA and obey all associated conditions.

Amidst your flight, you ought to keep your drone no less than 30 meters from any person who’s not directly related its operation.

The drone should likewise not be flown over crowded regions, i.e., regions that are sufficiently populated that the drone might lead to unreasonable hazard to the property, safety, or life of anyone present.