6 Things You Must Do When Starting a Drone Aerial Photography Business

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September 6, 2017
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September 7, 2017
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6 Things You Must Do When Starting a Drone Aerial Photography Business

Advances in UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles also known as drones) technology means that drones are now more accessible, more affordable and more hi-tech than ever before. This has inevitably lead to a new type of photography – drone aerial photography.

Drone photography allows for shots that would be impossible for most photographers to pull off just a few decades ago. A business in aerial photography using drones is a marvelous opportunity, especially since many real estate and construction firms are using drones for inspections, and also to map buildings and structures in order to create in-depth 3D maps.

As with every up-and-coming businesses, many will not make it due to lack of knowledge of potential quagmires. Here are six excellent advice that all drone photographers wish they knew from the beginning.

Get Certified

It is crucial that you take a flight safety class and also to get certified. In addition, you must observe an experienced drone pilot, that way you can pick up important tricks, tips, and techniques. It is important that you learn all the controls and how to use them. In addition, you should follow safety protocols and regulations so as not to get involved with local law enforcement.

Inspire 1Drone PhotographyBe Insured

This may seem like simple advice but it crucial. Although it is likely the laws do not require drone operators to have insurance, it is necessary. Just as with cars, drones can be involved in accidents. If you lose control and slam into a structure or worse a person, you are liable for the injuries and damages. These damages can lead to lawsuits and large expenses.As such, it is wise to consider insurance.

Use The Best Equipment

Different brands and models of drones are not made equal. Some are very good, while others are not. In pricing, there are drones that cost $1500, and drones that cost $50. The difference in quality means a lot. For instance, there are drones that have collision avoidance system, so you do not collide into buildings. Also, the camera and camera stability of the drone is essential or you will end up with blurry shots that just isn’t up to standard. Consider investing in some serious hardware such as a drone camera capable of 4K UHD videos, gimbals for stability, fast lenses, video transmitter and receivers for real time HD video feed and so on. Invest in a high-quality drone once you have mastered flying such as the DJI Phantom 3.

Set Your Price Packages

It is crucial to ensure consumers know exactly what your offer and the price of your services. It is best to have a fix hourly rate. Even if you have to quote on a job-by-job basis, you should ensure you have point of reference prices for clients on a budget.

Spend Wisely

Just because you need the best hardware does not mean you should spend on extras you do not need. For example having a drone that can cover large distances is not a necessity, if you plan on inspecting houses.

Find A Niche

There different types of jobs a drone operator can provide. You could get into real estate inspecting or a more industrial based inspection. The choice is yours. Specializing in a particular field enables to become amazing in that chosen field.

Get Online

You have to create an online presence. You should register with sites such as JobforDrones.com. This will help potential clients to find you.   There are drone service providers sites that list available commercial drone operators in an area such as the Australian UAV (auav.com.au), the Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc. (acuo.org.au), and the Drone Deploy (dronedeploy.com). You should ensure your business get on these type ofsites.

UAV photography is an emerging industry that is growing rapidly, and there is money to be made. If you are interested in being part of the drone service providing industry, you should be ready to learn and to be flexible because the UAV technology is rapidly improving.