What UAVs are Looking for During Drone Roof Inspections

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August 14, 2017
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September 6, 2017
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What UAVs are Looking for During Drone Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are one of the more common uses for drones. But, what exactly are they looking for when performing these drone roof inspections and how do they spot damage with the drones?

Why Drone Roof Inspections Are Performed

Insurance companies mainly use them to look for damages in the roof. This is important for both determining if damages exist before issuing a policy, and for examining damages after a claim is filed.

Homeowners also can do them when buying, selling, or just if they are curious about the condition of their roof. Now with the use of drones, these are quicker and cheaper than ever before, which means people are starting to utilize these services more.

Roofs are one of the most important components of the house to be inspected because they can be one of the most expensive and important things to fix.

Because they are above the ground and somewhat difficult for people to get to, that makes drones perfect for the job. Also, people walking up on the roof may cause damage just by walking, while drones do not contact the roof at all.

What Are Drones Looking For During the Inspections?

When drones fly to the roof strapped with high-definition cameras, they are specifically looking for a variety of signs that may show roof damage.Drone Roof Inspection

One particular damage that can be caught early is when shingles are starting to lift away from the roof, which could cause water and moisture to enter the home. This is a simple and cheap fix that would require a replacement of a few shingles and catching it early with a drone means not having leaks in your home.

Another damage that drone cameras can easily detect is water ponds on your roof. If there are small ponds of water that just sit on areas on a roof, this is not a good sign. It usually means improper drainage of HVAC units or gutters, and it is something that will need repair right away.

Generic damages they can detect include debris on the roof, punctures, or holes. Really any inconsistency on the roof will be able to be spotted with the drone.

All of these damages can easily be seen with a drone’s camera but would’ve never been spotted just from the ground level. A 30-minute drone flight should be able to capture these common damages and then you can hire a roofing company to fix the problem.

Thermal Roof Inspections

Thermal imaging is a technology that is being used in drones for many applications and it is starting to be used for roof inspection companies.

By using thermal cameras, drones look for inconsistencies in heat across the roof. If there are specific areas where heat radiating is much different than the rest of the roof; that is an obvious sign of a leak that needs repairs.

Thermal imaging detects small things that visual inspections with cameras wouldn’t be able to see. Although it’s for expensive and probably not needed for most people’s homes, thermal imaging on roofs is something large scale businesses are starting to use for their buildings.

Whether it is a thermal roof inspection or just a normal one with a camera, drones are definitely changing the way we inspect roofs.