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Using Drones to Film Aerial Construction Progress

Drones are used to film almost everything that would look great from the sky. One newer application is using them to film construction progress. This may not be a concept you are super familiar with, so we’ll break it down in this article.

What Is Aerial Construction Progress?

It’s simply filming a large construction project from start to finish with a drone. It’s a unique way to truly see how incredible the entire project was and what went into it.

Drones have made this service so much more affordable because before, companies would have to rely on planes or helicopters to film the footage. Now, there are many drone companies offering this to large construction companies and many are taking them up on this service.

While Droneworxs doesn’t currently offer this as one of our services, it is something we’d consider, so if you’re interested, contact us.

Why Do Companies Use This

You may be asking, are construction companies really paying money just to see an impressive video of their construction project? No, there are actually several reasons why this service is starting to take off.

A big use of these construction progresses is for safety. The video can help identify unsafe working conditions and they can also be used to perform inspections on hard to reach places. The views you can get from aerial shots can identify much more than what can be seen on the ground.

Progress shots can also be sent to managers and supervisors who aren’t able to visit the construction site regularly. This is a way for them to monitor it and to make sure the project is running on schedule.

The final big reason is that it looks stunning. To see a yearlong construction project summed up in a couple of minutes is pretty spectacular. Also, during the project, the company may release some of the videos to show the public and get them excited about the project. This is especially effective if it is the construction of something highly anticipated, like a new stadium.

How to Shoot Your Own

This could also be something that you do for fun with your drone as long as the airspace where you’d be filming is legal.

If you have a project in mind, simply film whenever work crews aren’t there. There are a lot of moving parts on a construction site, and you wouldn’t want your drone to be getting in the way of equipment or distracting workers. Consider contacting the construction company to make sure it is ok. See if they’d pay for it at first, and if not, say you’d just be doing it for your personal use.

Construction progress happens fast, so you’ll want to try and film every couple of days if you want the most detailed video. When filming construction progress, consistency is key. You’ll want to film in all of the same views and locations. This will make it much easier to see the progress if it is being shot from the same place.

Filming at the same time of day will help because the sun will be in the same spot. You don’t want to be facing the sun when you film because it will cause an annoying glare.

Once you have hours of footage, the real artistic part is how you will edit it. Chronologicalseems to be the best route, but also consider doing some side-by-side shots of before and after in the same spot. This is where your accuracy of filming in the same spots will come into play.

Finally, add some sleek transitions and music to your final product that ties it all together. After you finish the project, you will have a unique drone project that will impress people if done professionally.

Now that you this in your drone portfolio, consider reaching out to construction companies in your area to see if they’d be interested in getting something like this done. Your work should speak for itself, and it could be a fun little way to make some extra money. Who would’ve thought that filming construction with your drone would be fun and exciting!