Drones Capture Sporting Events

Droneworxs can capture the excitement at your next sporting event

From club sports competitions to all-day outdoor festivals, Droneworxs is ready to capture the energy and excitement of your particular event.


Angles and views that were, until now, only accessible to professional sports teams are now available to all with our versatile systems.  Operating safely and efficiently, our aerial cameras provide unique coverage that is unavailable from the sidelines.  When blended with our high-end ground capabilities, we produce seamless videos and galleries that showcase your organization’s true spirit.

Event Coverage

From wedding photography to outdoor music festivals, at Droneworxs we have the expertise to document your specific occasion and tell the story you want told.  Whether it is a waterfront concert, a groundbreaking ceremony, or a professional convention, you can trust our team to stay true to your vision and deliver the finished product you want.


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