Drone Bridge Inspection

Droneworxs Bridge Inspection Merivale st Rail Bridge

Drone Bridge Inspection

Drone Bridge Inspection services offered Droneworxs will photograph surface damages like cracks and spalling can only be detected from close distances. For that purpose inspectors of construction need to work right at the bridge, which is expensive and risky. Often inspectors get support by industrial climbers, via hubs, scaffold, crane or boat to access remote and critical spots. Every structural analysis thus is very time-consuming and generates significant financial and human costs.

Over time, the effects of nature and man cause bridges to deteriorate more and more, if unaddressed, the smallest of cracks in the masonry work and/or corrosion of metal beams can result in catastrophic collapses. These occurrences can go unnoticed as they are often located in inaccessible and hard to see locations. A regular inspection of critical points of a bridge system is essential for both preventive and future maintenance. Conventional methods of bridge inspections can be very dangerous, often requiring scaffolding, climbers or bridge inspection vehicles which close down traffic lanes and cause traffic congestion.

To inspect bridges with an intelligent aerial platform without effecting their normal operation while complementing conventional methods such as helicopters, scaffolds, cranes, industrial climbers, etc.
Cost reduction due to minimal personnel and operating costs
Reduced inspection time per bridge
Increased SafetyBridge inspection & much more

Droneworxs bridge inspection can provide high definition video, stills and thermal imagery data could change the game for construction industries.