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Have you been searching for the best in the business to take photos and/or video from above? Droneworxs Aerial Photography is Brisbane's go-to fully licensed commercial Drone aerial photography and video specialist, and for very good reason. We’re backed by an extensive amount of experience with clients in many different industries, from asset inspection, mapping and surveying to sporting events and everything in between, and have built up a reputation for delivering nothing but outstanding shots time and time again.

Why choose us as your drone Aerial photography providers?

By utilising the latest technology and most sophisticated aircraft and camera systems, we deliver the highest quality and best value Drone aerial photography services available in Australia. Our specially designed Drones are capable of flying at altitudes of up to 120 meters (400 feet). We are able to get very close to the action, unlike helicopters or fixed wing aircraft. Our professional drones is specially designed to capture the perfect shot or video, and we can capture the highest resolution still and motion video images to meet all of your aerial photography and cinematography needs. Our latest Drones incorporate Real Time Kinematics (RTK) which is perfect for aerial survey inspections. We are CASA certified and fully insured, and we’re ready to work with you to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with the outcome.

From drone aerial inspection services to mine surveying and much more

Our Brisbane team is skilled at tackling a large spectrum of industries including the inspection of assets, aerial mapping, real estate aerial photography and more (outlined below). We believe that the remotely piloted aircraft movement will simplify lives, enhance safety, provide employment and address some of the worlds immediate concerns in a more efficient way. For a full list of industries that our team can handle please contact us on 0488 033 938 or via email.
Do you want to separate yourself from the Agent next door? Do you want your real estate listing to stand out? Droneworxs Drone Photography services are the new standard for high-end Real Estate marketing. From breathtaking aerial views to 360' exterior tours, the team at Droneworxs is ready to create a seamless promotional package to set your listings apart from the competition. We run an efficient and safe operation, ensuring that your project remains on-time and on-budget. Our technology has the ability to provide unparalleled, high resolution photographs & video of your home or estate listing. Birds-eye view provides great assessment of the entire estate or property that can not be achieved by typical ground photography.
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DroneWorxs unique services are designed for inspecting hazardous and difficult to access assets and structures. One advantage of the asset & plant inspections service that we provide is that it causes no disruption to operations, we only require a few square meters for launch and retrieval – often working from the perimeter of customer sites. DroneWorxs remote piloted aircraft is precision controlled and is light weight in construction so we can operate up close to subjects gaining a better view without compromising property or your safety. Our ability to conduct such highly detailed asset inspections from the air is unique – providing a safer, more cost effective and timely outcome for our customers. Our equipment is small and lightweight and can be transported anywhere at short notice.
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Droneworxs offer Safe, accurate and environmentally friendly survey and mapping operations for mining, industrial and government applications. We specialise in the provision of high resolution survey and spatial solutions. Working as a seamless integrated team, Droneworxs understands the need for reliable, timely survey data to enhance productivity or for determining precise geographical location. Droneworxs Surveys are a cost-effective alternative to conventional aerial surveys & mapping.
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DroneWorxs can deliver a diverse range of services to many of Australia’s major resources companies. Our Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) are seen as an perfect tool for mine surveying, we can generally operate from the perimeter of busy, working pits. It is also safer, faster and more cost effective
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Drones in the insurance industry Three realistic scenarios for employing drones in the insurance industry: Firstly, Drones have the potential to significantly change property adjusting. Instead of climbing scaffoldings and ladders to assess rooflines, ice dams and chimneys or renting scissor lifts and boom trucks to determine the cause and extent of fire damage, claims adjusters can deploy a drone to analyse hazardous situations without sacrificing sure footing or disturbing the scene.
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Droneworxs can capture the excitment From club sports competitions to all-day outdoor festivals, Droneworxs is ready to capture the energy and excitement of your particular event. Sports Angles and views that were, until now, only accessible to professional sports teams are now available to all with our versatile systems. Operating safely and efficiently, our aerial cameras provide unique coverage that is unavailable from the sidelines.
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Terms used by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) for drones:

UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAS - Unmanned Aircraft System
RPA - Remotely Piloted Aircraft
RPAS - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
RPL - Recreational Pilot Licence
UOC - UAV Operator Certificate
ReOC - RPA operator’s Certificate
RePL - Remote Pilot Licence

The UAV industry in Australia

is governed by CASA, and recommended that any paid RPA commercial work is completed by a certified ReOC operator.
Drone Aerial photos have taken off for real estate photography in Brisbane. High shots of the overall aerial view of properties is becoming increasingly popular, showing off the grand entrance and surrounds of homes for sale and changing the claim of using the standard real estate photographer into drone video and drone photography with a difference. Not only are the aerial views fantastic, but 360 photos of the inside home are a great way to showcase the interior. Have a look for yourself through real estate sites like reiwa, Kokoda property and McGrath neutral bay for some ideas of how an aerial photography drone could benefit your next home sale listing. Real estate aerial photography from drones Gold Coast set off a spectacular scenery of the Gold Coast hinterland meeting the Gold Coast beaches and aerial drone photography can create the positive impact that shows off the spectacular location of the home. Aerial photography sunshine coast is yet another uav photography dream where the Sunshine coast hinterland meets the beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches.

Drones Australia were mainly used for military service in the 1930’s. They were radio controlled target drones and in the 1960’s UAVs were used for reconnaissance, information gathering and leaflet distribution. The 80’s was when technology started to grow and uav photography from copter cam or a drone helicopter began and uav jobs Australia took on a sharp rise as the hotshots photography classes went from still aerial photography to aerial cinematography.

Drone services were used for the Brisbane flood photos, and Brisbane photography aerial photo shots of the city and its main events are becoming the norm. The versatility of using an aerial photography drone for any event such as sports, weddings, birthdays, engagements and inspections are becoming sort after. Drone photography prices are quoted as per job request and are an additional option for photography Brisbane.
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